Kill Bill - Curse Of The 31st (Hosted By Terry Urban)

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Kill Bill's first solo mixtape hosted by Terry Urban and presented by

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Kill Bill is a hip hop artist born in Queens, NY and raised in Richmond Virginia, who has been rapping for the better part of a decade developing a unique sound with extreme versatility and in depth lyrical content. Kill Bill has worked with many artists and groups, and has been working with RCS ENT in recent years perfecting his craft and continuing to grow as an artist.

Kill Bill is now releasing his first official solo mixtape "Curse of the 31st" January 31, 2011 hosted by Terry Urban and presented by Local Motive, Purple Plane Gang and RCS Entertainment. KB also has been featured on many other mixtapes (rich city's crew, grindhouse, hip hop lives) which have generated serious mixtape buzz and KB is now putting his versatility and unique sound to the test on his first full length mixtape, which is essentially composed as a free album (with original production) to introduce KB to the world as a solo artist.

Kill bill's music has serious lyrical depth, unique style, with versatility in subject matter and production, with the ability to draw listeners and appeal to true music fans from every walk of life.

1 Born On Halloween
2 Paradice
3 Roll Up Ft. Yung Ca
4 Purple Planes
5 Hustle In My Veins
6 High As A Jedi
8 Zooted
9 Let's Get Right
10 Geronimo
11 Bad Ass
12 100 Grand
14 My Medicine Ft Mo Melody
14 Rich City Screw You
15 Been Through The Struggle Ft. Swaag
16 Lela
17 No Matter WHat THey Sat Ft. Kasha
18 Misery

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ha ha

that damm poser, even he knows his mixtape sucks ass... Jus Chill

WOW LOL *just a observation*

Another day in paradise*()* I was looking at all these comments and it hit me... Music is PERSONAL and im not a made up account ive been on mixtape torrent for over a year or so and I like this tape "purple planes" is my fav song on the mixtape and thats my personal feel who can tell me what to like (NO 1). Also if I hear a tape >"I""I"

Cont from prev comment

dont like PERSONALLY this doesnt mean no-one like's it lol *(thats the world revolving around me theory)* Everyone can speak there mind but through out the music scene there are rappers that might not fit you, im not flippin keys and serving baby's like Juice man be sayin so I dont listen to Gucci or Yo Gotti etc like talking bout but they still have some good songs but I wont be able to have a connection with the music because its not my lifestyle but im not going to be like "Mane Gucci you wack your music is garbage" lol it shows lack of not so common sense. Im from VA and I know Kill Bill has a fan base that fuck with this tape so its like man why hate on him or hate on people that like his music its like if you do that your on a personal vendetta to downgrade someone and thats ill, 2011 people still have free time like that smh and at the same time with the hate they spew on peoples mixtapes it show's interest... I alwayz thought if you aint like somethin and I have to repeat again "IF YOU" (PERSONALLY LOL) dont like somethin than being mute is the best option. Kill Bill keep grinding for your dreams though VA nigs riding with you
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How you going to get on here and tell people to "mute" their thoughts? Who the hell are you to tell someone that?? People are going to speak their minds regardless. Stop getting booty hurt when your boys music gets criticize. Like i said before, criticism is not "hatin" so dont get it twisted... Define Criticism: Is the judgement of the merits and faults of the work or actions of an individual or group by another (the critic). To criticize does not necessarily imply to find fault, but the word is often taken to mean the simple expression of an objection against prejudice, or a disapproval... As you can see the word "Hate" is nowhere to be found in the definition.

You mis read my shit***

I didnt tell people to mute there thoughts lol, ill never tell another man or person what to do im not like other cornballs out in the world or definitely on this site who come out they mouth with stupidity like that bro, i simply stated that I thought it would be a better OPTION to be mute than to spend time typing or saying something like "man this shits garbage" with no criticism on the songs or to give reasons to why the tape is garbage to the blogger and im not talking just about this tape im talking in general, im a music consumer and I dont mind if people dont like the music i like big deal thats not gone stop me from liking it and I know the artist Kill Bill aint gone stop making music... there's real life going on I could care less about how people feel I was just shedding light on being mute as a better option for people to either follow or ignore....

This is 2 pages of Teenages

This is 2 pages of Teenages tryina justify a sad rapper. I put my coment up earlier, and just notices someone replied because Im a "hater" This guy must appeal only to 12 year olds. His lyrics are stupid. Hes rhymes are literally nursery school. End of story. Stop. No seriously, stop.

What i mean to say is I

What i mean to say is I quoted this dumb motherfuckers Lyrics, str8 off the tape because i made the mistake of downloading it... And some guy said im a Hater... Elaborate on hater for me? Because this guy speaks less than english on his raps IM A HATER? GTFO go killyourself you and this sadsauce ass rapper

Again you believe this only appeals to 12 year old's **lol

Man this mixtape was first posted on 2 sites (mixtape torrent & Dat piff) now its on like 15-20 diff sites and it has over 6,000 dl's first week and the other sites ( and etc that have it posted there are positive comments on the tape.. so I apologize your not the last say Godfather Russell Simmons of music lol how much more can I elaborate my original point. You can say this sucks and etc but to then say no-one will like this again shows your commons sense.