Lil Keke - Universal Ghetto Pass (The Mixtape)


01 High than A Mutha (Ft. Paul Wall) 05:30
02 Live Your Life Flow 02:39
03 Act A Fool with it 04:31
04 Phenomenal 04:33
05 Im A G (Ft. Scarface) 05:38
06 Traffic Slowed Down 04:46
07 4 Doors and Couples 04:44
08 Scholarships 2 the Pen 04:14
09 Flow (Feat. Yung Redd) 05:03
10 Slab Holiday 06:21
11 She Love Gangstas 04:41
12 Forgive Me Lord 03:35
13 Interlude 00:41
14 Miss My Boyz 03:12
15 Addicted to Fame 02:45
16 Boss 03:06
17 Flow 02:26
18 Money in the City (Ft. Paul Wall, Slim Thug) 05:08
19 Road to Success 06:16

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Lil Keke the most under

Lil Keke the most under rated artist from the South. Watch out for this nigga lata in da game, nice flow, great word play, and cold rhymes..... Where tha Fuck is 50/50 Twin? thats what i wanna know Crippin Till Tha Headstone Above Me

lil keke is the rapper

lil keke is the BEST rapper alive. Loved by one probably hated by three. But the tape should be hot. As far as 50/50 Twin, I think he has a new cd out so keep ya eyes open.
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Goin Hard

Goin Hard. Everything Keke drops is Goin Hard. This is chopped & screwed, it should be in the chopped & screwed "genre". But yea this tape is fire. If you like chopped & screwed music, lil keke, z-ro, trae, young jeezy, etc. then you will like this. props on this!!!

Lil Keke is the Ailnet Killer

Keke da don is houstons most definent overlooked and under rated emcee 4 real My mentor by far


lilsic wrote:
Keke da don is houstons most definent overlooked and under rated emcee 4 real My mentor by far
he DEFINITELY underrated, most people dont know his latest Loved by Few album is his 2nd nationwide released album!!! and i understand when u say that he's your mentor cuz he my mentor too, he got me to always keep money on my mind and be on your feet trying to get it cuz u dont get shit sittin around watchin tv all day