The Hitmen & Lil Wayne - Amerikaz Most Wanted

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01. American superstar
02. You Can Tell
03. You Ain’t got nothing on me
04. The Only Reason feat. Sizzla
05. I’m the Truth
06. Ya Heard Me feat. Mack Maine & Baby Boy
07. Swag
08. ShowTime
09. High as a Kite feat. Nicki Minaj
10. Ghetto Rich feat. Rich Boy, nas & john legend
11. Brand New feat. t.i. & Lyfe Jennings
12. Can’t Help But Wait feat. Trey Songz & plies
13. Doin Bad
14. Just Fine feat. Mary J Blige
15. We Getting It Baby feat. JR Writer
16. Speedin (remix)
17. They Know (remix) feat. shawty lo, Young Jeezy, Ludacris & Plies
18. Nikeboots (remix) feat. freekey zeekey, max b & wale
19. Bitch Please feat. Yung Berg & Brisco
20. Viva La White Girl feat. Gym Class Heroes
21. Mind Right feat. Snoop Dogg & Katt Williams
22. Love Like This
23. Crying Out For Me (remix) feat. Busta Rhymes & Mario
24. Rock Bottom feat. Pleasure P
25. Dr. Carter

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Ooook once again another

Ooook once again another 'BUTT' mixtape of lil wayne I mean these are the hottest songs out by him right now but why bother wasting your time and putting out all these songs for the hundreth million time dammit lol only good song he has out thats not on there is lollipop of course but my favorite on this tape has to be 'Im the Truth'....its just hott "Three Blunts and A My Tie And I'm So Well Connected Like Wi-Fi Me Real Dread Them They Sci-Fi And I Murder Bill Nye The Science Guy"

im so sick of des bull shit

im so sick of des bull shit ass mixtapes

Relax People...

Ok. Allow me to break things down. Theres no point in complaining right now. Djs are just trying to be smart. they see that weezy is the hottest thing in hip hop and they know that if they make a mixtape of him, people are gonna look. its strategy. a lot of people would have never heard of some of these djs if they didnt make a wezzytape. As for the recycled songs. yeah. the shit does get annoying. your on edge waiting to hear somethin new from him, so every time you scope a new weezy you get hopeful. then you look at the tracklist and its a bunch of songs that you already have. i understand. but theres no need to bash over it. if you have the songs, move on to a new page. As for this mixtape. its hot. hot songs, hot cover. good job. Thanks for the up Jada. Another one to add to the collection. JP

thanks bro

thanks bro

cosign nigga.

cosign nigga.

i feel u

i definitely feel a dj that puts a song on his mix because it fits "O so perfectly" right there in the track list. i just hate when they just slap a bunch of weezy's tracks on an album and photoshop some artwork that baits us in. or change the name of the song and put on there "exclusive"

haha yeap


your fuckin right dude Im

your fuckin right dude Im about to be a fuckin DJ now all i gotta do is download weezy songs and put them on a mixtape and like my dude said photoshop a cover and upload it lmao

Same SH*T ...Different Toilet or mixtape

Young money hookin up with ross........ Weezy really need to drop that Carter 3 because y'all done heard bout his trip to the uk N we gettin tired as hell listening to the same ol tracks. NEW WEEZY !!!

The Hitmen make great tapes.

The Hitmen make great tapes. So if you love Wayne you'll love this tape, period. Ya'll can debate the rest but this is a good Wayne mixtape.