Lil Wayne - Hottest Nigga Under The Sun (3 Track Sampler)

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Here are three tracks from Lil Wayne's Hottest Nigga Under The Sun mixtape dropping very soon! Watch out!!!

Tracks included in the sampler... All of these are NoDJ too!

Lil Wayne - New Orleans Maniac Ft. Gudda Gudda

Lil Wayne - Thank You Ft. Jae Millz & Mack Maine

Lil Wayne - Filet Mignon Ft. Drake, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda & Mack Maine

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these songs are straight

these songs are straight fire. cant wait to get this tape!!! glad to see he isnt obsessed with that rock bullshit

damn good shit waitin to dl

damn good shit waitin to dl the tape when it drops
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tracks are fire

all 3 are fiyyaaaa
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If ya'll

Look around the net and do a search there are 5 other Tracks released on top of these tracks for this Mixtape already, MixtapeTorrent is a lil late.. I wont give up the other sources on this site.. Do ya homework.
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Oh yeah..

Here's the entire Track list.. MixtapeTorrent admins you can use it if you want as well :-) --------------------------------- Product Details: Tracklist: 1. Prom Queen 2. My name is 3. New Orleans Maniac 4. Thank you 5. Filet mignone 6. Yes 7. Hello world 8. Attention 9. Blow my mind 10. Skull gang 11. Murder 12. Ay man 13. Lets get it 14. Not love 15. Got me a 16. Yeahhh 17. Swagger 18. Move 19. Piano man 20. Rockstar 21. War 22. Blame it 23. Beep beep 24. Too fly 25. Wut u tryna do? 26. Clear my throat
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I Found the entire Album.. OH MY DAMN.> Some of this shit is FIYAAHHHHHH!!!.. The 3 tracks ya heard on here aint shit. Why this site so late? I managed to find this in one night with little effort on a small "blog site" *(Thats all im giving a clue on).. Do ya homework fuck yall Some old shit on here like "Swagger" It's a renamed old track.. (Girl don't you do that).. Best of all THERES NO FUCK ASS DJ BUMPIN HIS CUM FILLED GUMS ANYWHERE ON THE ENTIRE FUCKIN MIXTAPE Thats how you do a fuckin mixtape.. !!!!

theres a fake one going

theres a fake one going around. and if we were being slow we'd have good reason its midnight on friday people are out doing shit :D only 3 tracks were posted cause its a "sampler" all the leaks are posted at mixfiend the tracklist isnt a secret, its on every mixtape store site...but good looking out
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.. Gimmie a sec gonna post in a min

.. Gimmie a sec i'll post album in a sec

cool ill check it out

cool ill check it out
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Here ya go..

Here's the Mixtape.. Check it for Authenticity, compare it and share it.. [link removed] I didn't use a Torrent file because im not "big" into Torrents even though i come here and download with abc torrent, it's a lil slower than Rapidshare thats why i use that.. and i got an account with them for years now.. Have at it.

ok checked it and yeah its

ok checked it and yeah its the fake floating around. check back tommorrow or monday at the latest for the official release (btw i dont have experience with abc torrent but u may wanna give utorrent or azureus a shot in terms of speed)
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Does the..

Official one have 29 Tracks? i have that one too.. one track with Lil Wayne singing Around the way Girl.. i decided that one was the fake one so i didn't know..

according to the stores itll

according to the stores itll have 26 tracks, we wont know for positive until it leaks
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Aiight.. i'll wait..

I'll take these tracks and wait for the leak here, and try that Torrent program you said too.. Been using ABC for 2 years lol, it's simple but lately been crashing.