Lil Wayne - Don't Crucify Me


01 Cascades
02 I'm Not A Human Being (New Version)
03 Shades (Feat. Diddy & Justin Timberlake)
04 Girl Like Her (Feat. Rl)
05 Right Above It (Feat. Drake)
06 Heavenly Father (Feat. Fat Joe)
07 Execution Style
08 Light Up (Rikers Remix) (Feat. Drake & Jay-Z)
09 Spit In Your Face (Feat. Kevin Rudolf)
10 Loyalty (Feat. Birdman & Tyga)
11 No Love (Feat. Eminem)
12 Money Or Graveyard (Feat. Gudda Gudda)
13 Yeah (Feat. T.I.)
14 Miss Me (Feat. Drake)
15 Everything Red (Feat. Game & Birdman)
16 Fresh I Stay Pt. 2 (Feat. Flo-Rida)
17 Back To The Money (Remix) (Feat. B.G., Birdman & Magnolia Chop)
18 Just Feel It (Feat. Adela)
19 Im Not A Human Being (Original)

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Should have called this

Should have called this "Don't Deja Vu me"


dninc wrote:
Should have called this "Don't Deja Vu me"
yea really...
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2 Fake wayne tapes is less than 2 hours

surprise surprise! this kind

surprise surprise! this kind of bullshit has gone on for years.

So what's the deal with this

So what's the deal with this tape...Are all these old or what...I know Lil' Wayne got some shit coming out...Dedication 4, an EP album & Tha Carter IV...Didn't hear anything about this album other than ads promoting it
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it's just a collection of

it's just a collection of shit that's been released. Look at "No Love" that was on Eminem's Recovery. And "Yeah" was on T.I.'s Fuck a Mixtape mixtape. Those were the first 2 that caught my eye. Didn't look at whole TL
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U can look at this tell dat

U can look at this n tell dat its all old shit. "Heres Y they call me the ghost Iam half live half dead in wen its beef i bring all of the toast. Iam the ghost of this shit. I provide u fluid dat will crack side walks in rise the sewers" Styles P
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Is this the official tape from
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if uaint

if you aint got this shit you aint no real weezy fan ha. these tracks R all old free my nigga weezy !!
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Who else is tired of Wayne??

Who else is tired of Wayne?? I miss his old stuff. The Carter, Lights Out, Da Block is Hot and 500 Degreez
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The New Lil Wayne does

The New Lil Wayne does suck.. but sadly his new style music is usually 200 X better than what most artist is putting out so you know we living in a sad SAD hip hop world when we have to choose betweent Pop Hop, Sweet Tart/Trap, ABC rap, Snap-crackle rap, and tight jean swag, cross genre rock hop/ punk hop, and punk crunk.
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Sum of his songs str8 if u really listen 2 dem

Yha dis b ur boy cumin live 4rm dat Gadsden County a.k.a Quincy Fla u knw how we do it
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My fav Wayne tapes are Tha

My fav Wayne tapes are Tha Carter II and Da Drought 3
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wayne invasion

Maybe they should keep Wayne a little bit more in jaill; if he drop a VERY good album ok he's free.Fuck young money and all their friends;i'm boring to heard them on each tape. Free 5ft, i need to listen a new Black Moon album,just to remember what is real hip-hop.. "There's a war going on outside"

how do i download it

how do i download it
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get limewire or utorrent and

get limewire or utorrent and click on the attachment up there. thats it.
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This guys is fucked up, shit

This guys is fucked up, shit rapper id actually beat the living shit out of this bitch ass nucca real life, through his whole carear ive hated this fucking shit stain maybe 1 good verse in "undisputed" the rest is shit