Lil Wayne - LilWeezyana (Classic Edition)


1. Ballin
2. Off The Docks
3. David Banner
4. Lay My Organs Down
5. I'm The Man
6. Show Me What You Got
7. Day Dreamin
8. Leave Me
9. Let's Go Hoe
10. Grew Up A Screw Up
11. Famous
12. I Like Dat
13. Money In The Bank
14. Nigga Wit Money
15. Myspace
16. Donks
17. Pimp C
18. He A "G"
19. Triggaman
20. Downtown
21. Secretary
22. Vans
23. Amen
24. Secret Weapon

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pump fakin it's picture

good overall combination

good overall combination

Lil Wezzyana?!?

Well I got to give it to this guy. The beats are all sick and track 7 is a little peice of gold. And the dude who drops it is a new money man!


Hot Album! Keep them Lil Wayne mixtapes comming mfizzel.