Pastor Troy - G.I. Troy (Strictly 4 My Soldiers)


01 - Pastor Troy-Intro The Known Soldier
02 - Pastor Troy-Tell My Family
03 - Pastor Troy-My Dogs Tags
04 - Pastor Troy-War
05 - Pastor Troy-All I Know
06 - Pastor Troy-Cant Stop Now
07 - Pastor Troy-Kill My Dawg
08 - Pastor Troy-Comin Home To You
09 - Pastor Troy-Well Uh Huh
10 - Pastor Troy-Gangsta Thats All I Know
11 - Pastor Troy-Soldier
12 - Pastor Troy-I Want War
13 - Pastor Troy-Outro Rip

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A True atl legend, hes always good for atleast 5 bangers on his cds
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If nothing else dude is consistent

If nothing else Pastor troy has been very consistent in the grind, he definitely loves to make music even though his highest grossing album was Stay Tru @ only 50,000 units.
He's never made a big mark in music, only when he collab's with other artist, I do wish he one day make a banga that will get sell high, i don't know if he's even worried about trying to get mainstream to sell big if he's doing it mostly for the love of music, i give him all the credit in the world, but if he's just not selling and he wants to break into the mainstream perhaps he should reinvent his style or somethin, but he's probably one of the hardest working rappers out there, he does his solo shit with over 12 albums out, and does the D.S.G.B. does collab with other artist frequently and keeps his underground presence known through mixtapes, never had a platinum, never even went gold... thats dedication, he obviously got a fan-base being in the game since the mid 90's and still releasing albums 2 albums due out this year.
So time to rate this tape, and it's aiight at 6.5/10 you have to be into PT
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My nigga P-Troy stay on it,

My nigga P-Troy stay on it, even though this came out last year it, its a pretty good tape though ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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Feb 16th

This tape dropped Feb 16th this year.. I don;t know why they just now posting this or even bothered posting it this late, Some of the tracks were probably circulating on other mixtapes before hand though
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yep gi troy

this shit go hard,,,no doubt pt the hardest nigga with that crunk game....what happen to the track with him and lil jon and bone crusher on it? -WHO SAYS HIP HOP IS DEAD-
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I'm tryina hear a Sammy Sam,

I'm tryina hear a Sammy Sam, Mr Bigg and P Troy collabo, that shit would bang hard ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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going on an on an on an on

Why r u always going on an on with ur essay like posts do u think anyone reads all ur shit every tape i go on 2 there is a dnic post like 5 chapters long get a life dickhead
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why you so upset? skip it,

why you so upset? skip it, if it bothers you that much torrent from a different site. god damn, ole baby back ass go play your oddworld games ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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Who was askin 4 ur opinion are u bumming dnic or something keep it shut dickhead

WTF ! Didn't expect this shit !

Haven't listen to it yet but I know it's gon be fye ! "...and I'm still high from yesterday "
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P.T. Crusier!!

Got all this niggas shit this tape should be fire new or old PT always goes hard.
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its pt i gotta download this.

its pt i gotta download this.
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Well Uh Huh!

I fukks wit' Troy! Who stole my Face Off CD?!!!! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...

when you say Atlanta I think

when you say Atlanta I think of P Troy Ying Yang the old Ying Yang ya dig YoungBloodz.oh yeah you know you love that Trap Muzik Gwinnett County stand up where are all my G'z at fuCC them Cup Cake ass niggaz that dont put in no work Vote Dr Ron Paul 2012 lets end the FEDS IRS & CIA we need real change ya dig Heatmakerz we here now
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Nigga you got my vote.

Nigga you got my vote. Gwinnett is great. Reprazentn Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

A must download for Pastor Troy fans......

I really enjoyed this mixtape. Futhermore, I was really thankful he did it for the military considering we go unnoticed most of the time. This tape is geared towards the us military so some fans might disagree with the theme of the tape as a whole but, its still a good listen if you like southern rap. If you have family or friends overseas fighting, do em a favor and send em this in a care package.3 out of 5 stars