DJ Rukiz - 50 Cent: Bulletproof Blends

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DJ Rukiz gives all the loyal 50 Cent fans a dope joint to get excited
about with this strictly blends/remix mixtape featuring Bulletproof blends
from G-Unit's mastermind. Cooking up a certified, hot-azz blends mix,
Rukiz tears down nearly 30 remixes of 50 Cent tracks with a little help
from DJ Semi. Featuring Rukimixes of classics + Massacre remixes.

1 - DJ Rukiz Intro
2 - Where Dem Niggas Intro
3 - In My Hood (Wu Rukmix)
4 - Position of Power (Get Retarded Rukmix)
5 - Gatman & Robin (St Louis Rukmix)
6 - Husla Ambition (Ackrite Rukmix)
7 - Whip Ya Head (What U Know Rukmix)
8 - Gun Sale Intro
9 - Gunz Come Out (Head Nod Rukmix)
10 - Just A Touch (CPU Love Rukmix)
11 - Aint Fuckin Wit Us (DJ Semi mix)
12 - I Smell Pussy (Gimme Rukmix)
13 - Diamonds (DJ Semi mix)
14 - Piggy Bank (One Time 4 Paper Rukmix)
15 - Window Shopper (A-town Rukmix)
16 - Hustle Hard (DJ Semi mix)
17 - My Buddy (Snoop Rukmix)
18 - I Know You Don't Love Me (Badu Rukmix)
19 - I'm Supoosed To Die (Alchemist Rukmix)
20 - Ski Mask Way (Still On It Rukmix)
21 - I'm So Hood (So Sick Rukmix)
22 - Have A Party (Whoa Rukmix)
23 - God Gave Me Style (Neptunes Rukmix)
24 - Get In My Car (Don't Make Rukmix)
25 - Toy Soldier (Double Shots Rukmix)
26 - Eye For Eye (Soul Survivor Rukmix)
27 - Treat The Girls Right Interlude
28 - Best Friend Remix (Bridge Rukmix)
29 - Build You Up (Y U Wanna Rukmix)
30 - So Amazing (Believe It Rukmix)
31 - 50 Cent Classic (DJ Semi mix)

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This Mixtape Is Tha Bom I

This Mixtape Is Tha Bom I Love It Thanx For Whe Post This Mixtape Greets GGGGGGG-Unit


decent mixtape, my only problem with blend tapes is that u only get maybe 10 quality blends out like 20+, I try to stay away from them but 50's my nigga so I had to test it out.
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Hardest come frum YONKERS....50's Gay gyeahhhhh....GGGGGGGGGGG-UNOTTTTTT
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WESTCOAST!!!!!!!!!!!CALI!!!!!!!SD!!!!!!!! GGG-UNOT!!!!!!!! Gay-Unit Killers.


what kinda fucking fag dickhead trys to act tough on the internet. Dvd your probly some fat white guy with glasses so fucking get a life and you wont need forums to get attention from people. gunit gunot nowone knows whos really gangsters in the rap game so stop taking sides.(although the "hurricane" game) has just gone down hill since he left gunit.
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not tru

thats not true....The Game has had plenty of offers since he left g-unit....are you guys really serious??....u really think g-unit can touch Game??....I mean lyrically??....C'mon ya'll, if ya'll are a real, tru rap/hip-hop fans, you would know that 50 cent and the whole g-unit only make "bubblegum music", its not "real", there music has catchy hooks, thats it, dun and dun, lyrically g-unit cannot touch d-block, or the game....fat joes on his own, hes shit 2....But c'mon guys, dont love the guy because he makes more money than you....Or because hes a billionaire that doesnt bail out the man who marked that nigga that shot 50???(bang em')....Bang em's a real nigga....people all over tha streets talk bout dat nigga....50'S RIGHT HAND MAN and he styll wouldnt bail the nigga out??..dats 1 sign of a fake nigga..c'mon ya'll,if you like rap, get ur fucken heads in the game

Here's an idea for all of the 13 yr. olds here

Comment on the actual mixtape What's the point of saying GGGGGUNOT or GAY UNIT or whatever dumbass shit you come up with? If you don't like G-Unit, don't download their mixtapes, move on to something you like.
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Hey You

Hey shut up!!!O.K. Thanks. And by the way i didnt download the shit. You dont have to download to comment on stuff. Dumbass!!!Hahahaha!!!


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If it makes you feel tough

If it makes you feel tough claiming fake sets, be my guest, have fun


what up homie? yo good lookin out again on the info for the spider loc flick, but my god did it fuckin blow. that shit was horrible. fuck the people hatin on u kid, internet gangsters, lol. cyber bangers, watch out! lololololol, fake ass niggas. anyways man, hold it down kid! see ya'll, im cool with this nigga and he hates g unit but im down with them, opinions are what make us different and u gotta respect each others, no point in arguin em! LUPE FIASCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this nigga is the shit!
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Thanks Homeboy

Thanks alot steve833 . These fools just hatin on me because i dont like Gay-Unit and because i say "GGG-Unot". Whatever these fools say im internet gangsta. Look at all the shit they have written towards me. And have you noticed that everytime i post an opinion, 1 minute later their is a comment towards me. Its like these fools just sit around their computer all day and wait for me to comment so then they could talk shit. Thats what an internet gangsta is. These fools can be internet gangstas all they want. I just come to download tapes and comment on them. Yeah fool. I told you that spider joke dvd sucked. Thanks for the respect. For you haters out there GGG-UNOT!!!!!!!!!

I'm not hating on anyone

I'm not hating on anyone here, everyone is entitled to their own tastes in music... I could care less if you like or dislike G-Unit, and my comment wasn't meant just for you, it was for everyone that's not even talking about the actual mixtape. I'd prefer for the comment system to be used for actual discussion regarding the tape, but hey, guess I can't get everything I want :) Cheers
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Ok. Its cool.


NIgGAZ JUST waitin for you to post one ur weak ass comments? to rep on you?? Itz like this you waitin for a G-unit mixtapes so you can start hating get it right next time fuckin fake ass nigga... i bet if u saw 50 you'd stfu like a lil bitch and not say a word. I come on this site like once a week, but you nigga come on here everyday cause you can't say 'Gay-Unit' in real life.... Oh fake NeT nIgGA DID u Find out what YaYo is yet?? Fucking bitch lmfao....
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I was feelin that 50 - Whip

I was feelin that 50 - Whip ya head boy with T.I Beat. Vocals were low though. ==================================== I Can't Protect You Without Holding A Sword. I Can't Embrace You While Holding A Sword. (b^_^)b

Decent release.

Decent release.
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this mixtape aiight..

this mixtape aiight..
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Yayo, GREEF, and thasnork69 are GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the mixtape wuz horrible....i coulda mixed it just as good....


you call them "internet-gangsters" ? yes, I think YOU are the right person to do that ... ;) I guess you are one of them gangbangers who hang out in the streets all day, makin some robberies and drug deals. And If you got a free minute, you goin to and tell them people how to keep it real, right ? Yes, I apologize.. You are an O.G.
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Thank you Gay_Kid_Germany but how did you know?

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Me still waiting for a fuck. Thats funny. FUNNY. But whatever fool get off my nuts!!!


Thats coming from a fake ass NiGga who don't know wat YaYo is... NiGga you should go become a striper like yo homie Game.
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I gotta say some things...mfizzel is right, mixtape needs to be commented on, i personally did, blends suck usually and so did this. some tight tracks though. and to the guy who said game has had offers...he isnt lookin for a new label...hes on aftermath...and g unit are a great rap group, if u dont like em, cool, but u cant say they arent good. banks is a better rapper then game in his sleep, and yes game has fell off since he left g unit cuz no one cares about him. the documentary was a good album, but i think thats it for him, especially since black wall street sucks. back to the mixtape, if ur a die hard 50 fan, get it, but be prepared to be disapointed by the poor blends (mostly the chorus' dont mix). Its g unit, g unit, g unit...rulin this shit with an iron fist! DVD keep ya head up!
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I try to comment on the mixtape but then some people start hating on my comments. I agree with you said about The Game. Im not hating on people who like G-unit im just sayin fuck gay-unit. That just means that i dont bump their shit.


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How come everytime someone posts a comment dissin certain rappers, then everyone wants to call them a "hater". I'm not hating on any of these niggas. I'm not feeling G-UNIT...I never had, and I never will. Now you G-UNIT lovers can get pissed about it all you want. Be my fuckin guest...because no matter what y'all say, y'all can never change the way I feel about G-UNIT. I'm feeling the Game...and you can cuss me out about it all you want.


so yayo ???? put that dick down for a second and tell me what yayo mean
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I dont fucken know what yayo is and im not going to waste my time looking for the defenition. Why dont you tell me what it means. Since you've made of big deal out of this shit. And stop hatin just because i dont bump the same shit you bump.
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yo0 dvd n youngneef Y the

yo0 dvd n youngneef Y the fuck r yall arguing wit everyone no1 care who u like Game n 50 R both good rappers iight