DJ Mystik & DJ Fletch Present War Stories (The Best Of Pastor Troy)


01 Pastor Troy Intro
02 Pastor Troy I'm Down
03 Pastor Troy D.S.G.B.
04 Pastor Troy It's About To Go Down
05 Pastor Troy Who, What, When, Where
06 Pastor Troy I Want War
07 Pastor Troy Just To Fight
08 Pastor Troy Saddam Hussein
09 Pastor Troy Atl Ho
10 Pastor Troy Help Me Rhonda
11 Pastor Troy I'm Outside Ho
12 Pastor Troy Back Up
13 Pastor Troy Champion
14 Pastor Troy Throw It Up
15 Pastor Troy Do It
16 Pastor Troy Oh Father
17 Pastor Troy Universal Soldier
18 Pastor Troy Make Em Scream
19 Pastor Troy Can U See Me
20 Pastor Troy Throw Ya Flags
21 Pastor Troy Vice Versa
22 Pastor Troy Outro

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This niqqa look like ET on

This niqqa look like ET on some steven spielberg special effects shit.
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That visaversa is a classic,

That visaversa is a classic, but bumping pastor is a hit and miss tho. But his delivery and pasion makes up for alot! I got most of this so ima pass. ISELFLAWAMASTER!!!!!

PT cruiser

"C'MON! wellAHHAA! YEA!" dude could make a whole song wit his adlibs and i would probly bump it

This should be only one track.

That should be champion. And even on that track the chick from Philly murdered him on that beat.
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Well mixed...If youve never listened to Paster Troy, but you like ATL artists/southern rap, then d/l this!!!