Re-Up Gang - Cracksploitation Vol 2 (Remixtape) (Hosted By The Clipse)


01 Intro
02 Fuck You
03 Downtown Swinga 2010
04 Dukedagod Interlude
05 Who Are You Ft Juelz Santana
06 Honey
07 Got It From My Old Folks
08 The Raw Is Back Ft Styles P
09 Watch Out
10 Cathedral
11 Rainy Nights
12 Money, Power And Madness
13 Ab-Liva Solo
14 Love To Love
15 Real Niggaz (Kool G Rap Edition)

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didnt the re-up gang split last year or sumtin...but n e how diz aint official juzt some old tracks thrown 2gether, still worth da d/l tho
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dats right repasent 4 them

dats right repasent 4 them panthers
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10/10 all fuckin day! #9 is

10/10 all fuckin day! #9 is so hard, #10, shit this whole tape is the best shit this year other than Buns. If you want some more good shit scroll down and click that road till the casket drops

Ab-Liva all day.

That nigga must just be too comfortable. Where his solo shit.
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oh my god

┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ havvent listen to it yet but kno its gona be fire va beach stand up
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Decent tape

Been jammin on this all damn day.
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That Dope Virginia Music

Oh yeah! My boys got another fire ass mixtape fa y'all to listen to. Pusha & Malice got that raw uncut to numb ya whole face. VA stand up indeed! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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757 up in this bitch

757 up in this bitch
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Still on this one, truly one

Still on this one, truly one of the best mixtapes in a while