Talib Kweli & Year of the Blacksmith - The Community (Mixed By Mick Boogie)

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1. Intro
2. Blinders
3. What Are We Doing
4. Bridge
5. Memories
6. Skit
7. Postmortem
8. Make Me Feel
9. My Hometown
10. Look Of Love (Lol)
11. Rise
12. Get You Down
13. Interlude
14. End Of The Free World
15. Self Saviour
16. I Owe You
17. Really Real
18. Poor Righteous Teacher
19. The Call
20. Uphoria
21. Faith
22. Chicken Soup For The Hip Hop Soul
23. Oh Why
24. Threes
25. Sas Interlude
26. Spread My Wings
27. Streets Git A Hold Of Me
28. Shoot
29. First Time
30. So Sorry Mama
31. Outro

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Hosted by Talib???

You know im atleast checkin this out...
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Here's the other tracklist

Just in case you want to know who's on each song, here's the back cover showing it: http://www.2dopeboyz.com/2010/12/07/talib-kweli-year-of-the-blacksmith-present-the-community-mixtape/ Aside from the intro, outro & interludes, it looks like Talib is only on a couple of actual songs. The rest are by artists who I either never heard of or never really paid attention to. It still might be worth a listen though.
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Nemo is from Lexington KY,

Nemo is from Lexington KY, we got mad talent out here. Check out this video you'll see what I mean http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14kBycyWtUI