Tapemasters Inc Presents STS - Demand More 2

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01 Black Thought Intro
02 Dec 5
03 The People
04 I Am The A
05 In For The Kill
06 A Star Is Born
07 Fuck A Hook
08 Ill Street Blues
09 Bedrock
10 Sole Music
11 Parachute
12 Solider Of Love
13 Broad & Locust
14 All Comes Around
15 What She Say
16 Black Thought Outro

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I wish this guy's voice

I wish this guy's voice wasn't so annoying, cuz his flow is actually nice.
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The worst tattoo ever goes to.............THAT GUY ON THE COVER! ..fail
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How I Got Over

STS did a nice job on his features on The Roots "How I Got Over" Album. -- "On the BIG SCALE of things, my opinion doesnt really amount to much, so I aim NOT to persuade 'cause I'm just enjoying music."