The Best Of Papoose - The Official Mixtape


By far and away the most consistent and productive mixtape emcee
in the vast mixtape landscape, Papoose releases this retail-style
mixtape highlight reel. Recently signed to Flipmode Records, it's
only getting started.

Taking you through the extensive mixtape discography from the street
champ, this mixtape breaks down mixtape classics from the Brooklyn
rapper. Crowned the Underground Mixtape Artist of the Year last year
after releasing a handful of mixtapes, the count is now 10 and counting.

This mixtape features classic freestyles and tracks from Papoose with
guest appearances from Nas, Ghostface, Remy Martin, DJ Green Lantern,
Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Bun B, J.R. Writer, Maino and more.

1 - Born In NYC
2 - Mother Nature feat. Razah
3 - Corner Stone [produced by DJ Green Lantern]
4 - No Competition feat. Remy Martin
5 - Who You Know feat. Mike Jones
6 - Ridin' Shotgun feat. Paul Wall
7 - Sharades
8 - License To Kill feat. Prodigy
9 - NYC Drama
10 - We Are The Streets feat. Bun B, Maino & WC
11 - Body Bluffin'
12 - In The Bushes feat. Ghostface
13 - Never Come Back feat. Nas
14 - Style Warz feat. J.R. Writer

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Dude has flow its about time he's gettin some love out here. Good lookin on this!!!
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My man Papoose is gonna be at the top when his album drops. O wait, he already is lol.


Yo Man Mad Props To Mfizzel For This Up Man Hottest Shit Out There!!!


Ramikhalsa coming!!! mfizzel, u added a good album . it has nice tracks.keep it up man.

Long live pap

Long live pap
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this cat reminds me of BIG L

this cat reminds me of BIG L with them punch lines he be creating
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Luv Pap <3

I was waitin' for this one. Thx! :)


this mixtape is sickk... how do ya dwnload it ???????