DJ Skee & Ya Boy - Chapter 1: The Rise

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djskeeyaboychapter1therise/01 Intro.mp3 6.57 MB
djskeeyaboychapter1therise/02 It Don't Matter feat. Shyne.mp3 5.44 MB
djskeeyaboychapter1therise/03 Cali.mp3 5.57 MB
djskeeyaboychapter1therise/04 Show U Wut To Do Wit It.mp3 5.57 MB
djskeeyaboychapter1therise/05 Down By The Bay.mp3 4.81 MB
djskeeyaboychapter1therise/06 Still In The Hood.mp3 4.21 MB
djskeeyaboychapter1therise/07 Exactly.mp3 4.92 MB
djskeeyaboychapter1therise/08 Cannon ft. Malika.mp3 3.80 MB
djskeeyaboychapter1therise/09 Down So Long ft. Jin.mp3 4.04 MB
djskeeyaboychapter1therise/10 Pillow Talkin.mp3 5.48 MB
djskeeyaboychapter1therise/11 Road To Riches.mp3 5.73 MB
djskeeyaboychapter1therise/12 Barbershop ft. Bishop Lamont.mp3 4.91 MB
djskeeyaboychapter1therise/13 Ride Wit Me.mp3 4.70 MB
djskeeyaboychapter1therise/14 Say Girl.mp3 4.73 MB
djskeeyaboychapter1therise/15 Evidence.mp3 9.62 MB
djskeeyaboychapter1therise/16 Bonus Track.mp3 5.44 MB

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I was waiting for this .....

hope its not a disappointment.

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dont worry doesnt

dont worry doesnt dissapoint

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shyne new shit is hype


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shyne tha killa

yeah aint that the truth yas should all d/l (or maybe even buy since hes in prison and he could do with the money) shyne's album 'godfather buried alive' that shit is fire, not damn lyrical but so gully and so fuckin promisin. If anyone has his old mixtapes tho please up em!
ya boy is straight fire bws!

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Shyne baby!

Yeah, "Godfather Buried Alive" was crazy! I love that "more or less" track (that shit is hard), and "off the record" is the illest 50cent diss i've ever heard!

I guess this ain't just music,
Cuz jail only made me much more ruthless
And the bitch nigga knew this
That's why he tryed to sign me to g-unit
Tell 'em how you made me offers
I don't want that blood, Imma GODFATHER!

Shyne mothafuckin PO!!

dissapoint it doesnt!

Some more hot shit from ya boy.

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damn that's hot


Shit is hot. Hotter than more than a few of Game's mixtapes and 100x better than a lot of the stuff on this site.

100 bars that Frisco?!...yeah, i think it is!



Damn this mixtape is hot, I never heard so many songs on a mixtape that were all good for a long time, usually some mixtapes got hot tracks, and some aight ones, but this ones straight the whole time. A recomended download for everybody.

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Bws for life this shit bangin, make sure yall get the new west coast savior mixtape by GAME

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dis a sick mixtape but i cant believe they aint put 3 da hard way dats a sick sick track juelz n wayne spit FIYAH 4 real!!!


shits hotter then cycho_c and Diplomat99's asses after they pops leave the room.

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shits hotter than ya momz

shits hotter than ya momz coohie on a hot summer day

nice one

use possibly the gayest comeback ever. k lets play then bitch.

my moms a dude, have fun with that.

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not surprised

i bet your ur 2 gay parents ordered u in as a sex slave so they both fuck u while u sleep and your ass bleeds when u wake up so they told u not to snitch on them and thats why ur name is stopsnitching not becoz u dont like snitches but bcoz u like to get fucked up the ass ay fagget

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didnt need your life story

yeah cos stopsnitchin and assfuckin are so related its suprising nobody picked it up before? dude you got a vivid imagination: in fact the way you described that shit is so clear it sounds like it might be happening to you. But remember, there are plenty of ppl who can help you. Shit, ill help ya! I mean it sounds like your havin a rough time ova there.

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its funny how u two homos snitchin and hotchoc always stick up 4 each other, ur either fags or your the same white nerdy loser take a pick

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terrafirma bruv

terrafirma what is it with you and all this homo repressed shit comin out when you get embarrassed or nervous? first with the assfuckin and now with the homo calls? cmon dogg this aint the site to be explorin your sexuality n shit we all here for music and if you aint here for the same reason as us maybe you should try google or ask your dad (or even cycho_c) for some help (again)
maybe more than one person is always ripping into you cos your a loser...just maybe tho, i might be wrong on that one but fuck it, see if i care!

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sorry to hurt your feelings

i jus dont like homos didnt kno u would take it to heart and write all that shit u cracker ass fag go listen to country or rock bittch

hotChoklat's picture

no im sorry if i hurt your feelings

aww someone's gettin sensitive. id be offended by the cracker thing if i was white tho so good effort!
its that time of the month again isn't it?

TerraFirma's picture

nobody cares cocksucker

u can type all the shit you want but u and your other accounts are on this thing all the time go outside an get sum sun or a bitch so ur not always crying by ur computer u fukin loser

hotChoklat's picture

aw diddums did i do somethin

oh shit i think i might have made you mad!
check at what times that im postin n you might wake up: remember tho, i dont really give a fuck if you dont lol so have fun shakin your fist at the screen
edit: actually wait, i realise i must be cutting you pretty deep if you feel you always gotta come back at me with something so im glad i pissed you off. salaikum salaam brother

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wat tha fuck

ur like a little bitch tryin to get tha last words in so thers no use as your always on here with anotha name prowling the messages ready to type anotha pointless lame remark so go head with ur bitch ass

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another name

anotha name? why would i when i can keep usin this one to piss you off lol and it works!
ah you're so easy to provoke and so dumb at the same time its almost getting boring. in fact even tho im over e-beef, please dont dissapoint and try another comeback where you use cursin to show me how angry you are...its entertaining cos your kinda pathetic with the way your still tryin to prove your not some white terra firma groupie

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no 1's gettin mad

i dont kno about u but its not hard 4 me to type in somthing like ur a bitch and coz u act like one it jus proves my point but to say im white is pathetic becoz u dont kno who i am, do u really think ur affecting anything at all with ur hollow comments tryin to sound smart an witty, by ur messages u jus look like a cheeky nerd sending in lil txt messages and wats wit tha name hotchoklat? is that wat ur boyfriend covers u in?

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terra firma is boring me

yeah ok this is borin now and its got kinda annoyin cos i used to respect the shit you had to say about mixtapes but now that i know your a bit of a homo nothing you say counts. Oh and I know im affecting you cos you sound pissed off and even embarassed (as well as pathetic)
oh and by the way:
hot because thats me
choklat because of my skin colour u dumbass

and again with the repressed homosexual shit? talkin bout guys coverin each other in chocolate. I already told you once, is not the place for you to explore your sexuality

TerraFirma's picture

ooh k

its amazing how u two bitches think ur bigshots in these message boards quite hilarious really is it ur lil hobbie to mix peoples words up or something i kno ur very stubborn but to even think for a second that ur respect means anything is the funniest shit ever, some other nerds might think ur respect means something and look up to you but thats jus sad but thats wat u strive so hard 4 so wen your older u will see my point

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over it

k i was gonna have another go at you but i just read that shit you wrote about my moms and i now realise you was never worth any of this. I should have just let you keep talkin about assfuckin and homo-erotic shit as you tried to have a go at stopsnitchin. I'm sorry i wasted my time

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fuck yo dead moms

r u still cryin

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Terranerda, you used to be somewhat funny but now you're just plain pathetic. I thought you were a little more creative making up disses than playing such a low-level card speaking on the dead.
You're familiar with the situation now but still you go at it like its nothing. Thats just weak...VERY weak.

If there's a God watching us you'll most certainly burn in hell eternally!

TerraFirma's picture


u bitches treat this like sum kinda sport like u get off to this shit, im not tryin to look 4 creative disses cocksucker coz i dont giv a fuck bout ur nerd asses and its cute u believe in god but fuck him i will burn in hell if ther is one anyway. go 2 church lil punkling

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terrasnitcha you still here, leave the forum right now!

what? Jeeeeesus girl! I told ya pussy we laugh at you!
Stop this,
We all know you're not a virgin anymore and stop comin behind us just because we stole it from you back in the Tunnel Vision Mixtape! Daddys lil' girl!


Cycho C I Promise U If I Knew U In Real Life I Wuld Beat Yo Ass My Nigga I Dont Even Know U And I Hate You All U Do Is Get On This Muh Fucka And Talk Shit 2 A Nigga All Day Tryin 2 Look Hard And Shit On The Internet U R A BITCH Dats It My Nigga Nuthin Else, A Bitch Who Think He Tough Over Da Internet Who Probably Is The Softest Person In Real Life !!!!!!!!!!!!!U BITCH ASS NIGGA!!!!!!!! No Fuck That !!!!!!!!!!!!!U PUSSY BITCH ASS CRACKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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track numba 2 is fire

shyne shud sign to black wall that track is ill and so is that down by the bay track. havnt heard hotshit from shyne since that banger americas new nightmare


look at the bitch change the topic after hot fucking raped him.

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funny stuff round here

ya all niggas is funny, realy..
Anyway bout the mixtape im gonna say its just decent rap..

and tera firma, what kind name is that? fo real!

TerraFirma's picture

calm down ethug

yea dogg he really showed me, oh man

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listen to this

listen to this

jimmyvanis's picture

cause i'm sick of mothefucka

cause i'm sick of mothefuckas sayin the "e-thug" all the time without even knowing what it means!

e-junkies stop this shit!

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E-thug my ass!!! Newbies get ya mind right!!!!!

Get the fuck outta here, newbie tryin to call me an e-thug!

I have to school you dump mothafucka a lil' bit 'bout what an e-thug is!! E- thug is a person that logs in the net, sits tight till the right shit come and start dissin! After the others get his ass on the corner the true E-thug changes subject!!!
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Now we can all see whose the e-thug round here..
and stop spittin this word till you learn the true meaning of it!
Damn!! I hear this word (e-thug) right here than i hear the word nigga in the streets!!!

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having a geek tuntrum vanis?

u kno alot about e-thugin. ur acting like an e-thug now u joke and i bet u aint hearin shit on tha streets bcoz u stay at home u little punk

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shitklat and his e-thuggin homies

Choklat aint rapin shit, except for his own mother maybe!

Who the fuck nicknames himself HotChoklat anyways? Sounds like a faggot to me. You a fag Choklat? Or should i say Shitklat? That suits you a lot better!

Does it make you feel intelligent and well-spoken to manage to insult someone on the internet? It sure looks that way! Too bad you're too stupid to even handle orders on Burger King, which probably is the most educated job your whole familys mind all together could ever get. Some people is just born stupid mate, it ain't your fault so dont you start havin suicide thoughts (yeah i know you have em).

It's also pretty cute to see you have support from 12 year old little infants that cant even tell the difference between rape and plain stupid insults. I bet you're sittin there havin small kicks of self-confidence everytime you feel you made an intelligent answer, which it isnt, only in your skitzo-mind of yours.

Im sorry shitklat, i just HAD to go a little hard out on you this time , especially since you claim you're so mature and aint into e-beefin and shit. Still you couldnt resist throwin me another lame insult when i took aim at another person you have NO affiliation with (unless you're tradin naked pics with him on MSN lol, i wouldnt be suprised!) You once said i make you look like a bitch cause you keep havin to get back at me, but looks like you forgot you ARE a bitch.. theres that skitzo-mind playin you again mate!

Show me what you got pretty lady... HAHAHA


The Don
Propz on the track

Keep It Real

Hey Yo Get Back 2 Da Mixtepe Man Wats Up Wit All This Dissin Eachother Man Keep It Real 2 Dis Site And Talk About Da Music

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wat u want bitch?

Mothafucka terrafirma keep ya fuckin name out ya mouth!
Its the second time you address me, watch the fuck out!
Wanna know about me come and holla at the dudes on Washington Heights you fuckin bitch, yo will know once and for all mothafucka!!
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Stop Snitchin, N Stop Bitchin

talkin bout u gonna shoot ppl tht u aint eva gunna see. shit u must be a bitch yaself. u all gettin mad ova sum other mutha fuckers opinion,
n hotchoklat keep up dem insults at dese bitches man, make me lol wen u make em look like fuckin fools.

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stop messing like a dick...

you fuckin bitch dont be talkin to me like that,
i'm not even talkin to you. What u want?
Dont adress me again! Change the fuckin subject..


wot ya gunna do bad man? send me some e-slugs? hahahahahah u fuckin faggot.

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go find an other site for

go find an other site for e-beefs. cmon i aint got time for you clown..