DJ Berocke - 2Pac:Soulja Unleashed

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1 - Loyal To The Game Feat. Big Syke & DJ Quik
2 - Out On Bail
3 - Smile Feat. Scarface
4 - Fake Ass Bitches
5 - Komradz Feat. Big Syke & Outlawz
6 - Thug Nigga Feat. Asu
7 - The Uppercut
8 - Hellrazor
9 - Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto
10 - Hold On, Be Strong Feat. Stretch
11 - Don't You Trust Me
12 - Do 4 Love
13 - God Bless The Dead Feat. Stretch (BONUS TRACK)

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Wicked awesome WESTSIDE 4 LIFE

awesome album nigga thx keep it up WESTSIDE.
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Awesome track

I wonder If heaven gotta got a Ghetto fuckin tune the music on that is like terminator theme

tupac 4 life

tupac 4 life

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Pac?? "RIP to my mothafuckin biggie smalls"? wtf??

man i hear a lotta shit nowdayz bout how much dead pac is and now here comes this track "god bless the dead remix".
I mean wus the deal wit this " Rest in peace to my mothafuckin biggie Smalls"? Fuck is goin on here?? Didnt biggie dyed after Pac?? All this shit keeps my head confused u know..

RIP biggie smalls.

the biggie smalls 2pac was talking about is a producer from a group called the underground railroad. it features stretch on the song but he died in 1995 and fell out with pac in 94. peace
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2pac souja ?

2pac souja ?