Big Mike - This Is Why I'm Hot Pt. 2: The Labor Day Massacre

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And you thought everybody took Monday off! Hip-Hop never sleeps because Nas said it was
the cousin of death, so Big Mike spent his Labor Day putting together this crazy mixtape
just for you.

While you were throwing back Coronas and scarfing down Oscar Meyers, Diddy woke up 50
Cent, The Game broke his promise to leave G-Unit alone, and Diddy may have responded
to 50.

Find out what's got 50 so heated at the original Bad Boy and check in on the latest
in the Game/G-Unit saga, PLUS new tracks from Jadakiss, Cassidy, Mobb Deep, Gravy,
Dipset, Rick Ross, Lil' Wayne + Juelz Santana, Ransom, Saigon, Lloyd Banks and more.

1 - The Game - Hands Down (Dissin' G-Unit)
2 - 50 Cent - Get Down (Dissin' Diddy)
3 - 50 Cent - Hip-Hop (Dissin' Diddy)
4 - P Diddy - I'm Richer (Dissin' 50 Cent?)
5 - Lloyd Banks - Survivor
6 - Mobb Deep - Look Out
7 - Jadakiss - I'm Blastin
8 - Cassidy - Wut U Know About Cass
9 - Styles P, Donna Black, H Flow - Talkin' That
10 - Hell Rell, J.R. Writer, 40 Cal & RU Spits - First U Hear
11 - Juelz, Lil' Wayne, Currency & Bezel - Well Dressed (not on Wayne & Juelz mixtape)
12 - Fat Joe & Lil' Wayne - Make It Rain
13 - Lil' Wayne, Rick Ross & Ransom - Clear Da Scene
14 - Lil' Wayne & Jody Breeze - Dippin Tagged
15 - Straw (Team Arliss) & Slim Thug Freestyle
16 - Gravy Feat Jadakiss - G.R.A.V.Y.
17 - Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Mop, Freeway & Hot Rod - Pass The Mic
18 - 50 Cent - London Bridge
19 - Saigon & Trey Songz - Pain In My Life (produced by Coco Chanelle)
20 - Reemo - Why U Mad At Me?
21 - Mike Beck (K.A.R.) - Push It To The Limit
22 - F.A.M. (Illy Rap & Da Racketeer) - Sheer Hop On
23 - Avion, Uncle Murder, Gillie Da Kid - Made Ya Look
24 - Outro

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This mixtape doesn't exist

This mixtape doesn't exist lol it's a mistake

heatmaker you stupid as hell

heatmaker you stupid as hell

Your mum maybe stupid but

Your mum maybe stupid but not me Go to official DJ big mike website and see! fool it's a fake

if its fake why does MixUnit

if its fake why does MixUnit have it?

Ok i'm very stupid u're

Ok i'm very stupid u're right lol but why the mixtape iz not on a DJ mike website, it's crazy... Mea culpa!

cuz his website is outdated

cuz his website is outdated

fizzel is right, yall are

fizzel is right, yall are retarded.

why do 50 and p diddy have

why do 50 and p diddy have beef? money? Mase?



Mase & Money i think....

Mase & Money i think....
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Mase because diddy still

Mase because diddy still owns mase ass

mase or shal i say murda mase

he sucks...hes also goin 2 hell...mase iz a fake...jus lyk fifty really didnt get shot 9 times
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everyone's forgotten how

everyone's forgotten how mase got cut down as well on 50's how to rob. 6 years later and the niggas signing him WTF