DJ Capone - Styles P: Shots Fired

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DJ Capone is being sought for questioning by the mixtape authorities
after witnesses came forward this week and claimed Capone was an
accomplice to a mixtape shootout with veteran D-Block rapper Styles
P. The shooting occured at your neighborhood bodega and a handful of
witnesses are claiming up to 24 shots were fired by the mixtape perp.

1 - Shots Fired feat. Jadakiss (Dissin' G-Unit)
2 - Can You Shoot It
3 - Who Want A Problem feat. Swizz Beats
4 - Everybody Take Shit
5 - Hot Headed
6 - Double Barrel Shot Gun feat. J-Hood
7 - D-Block Street Family feat. Sheek, J-Hood & Jadakiss
8 - Miss Jackson (Dissin' G-Unit)
9 - My Favorite Drug
10 - Floss Alot
11 - I Don't Need Them feat. Sheek
12 - Down Tha I-95
13 - Just Call My Name
14 - Get No Sleep
15 - Try To Survive
16 - No Real Beef
17 - I'm Running
18 - Stay D'd Up
19 - I Got The Dope Rush
20 - 357 Freestyle
21 - Who's World Is This
22 - Street Dreams
23 - Yeah Freestyle
24 - Back To Cali Freestyle
25 - Note - School Of Fishes
26 - Chi - Real Niggas
27 - V.I.P. - Hollywood

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First things first mad respect mfizzel for puttin this on the site, this mixtape is good for the exception of some songs which have been overplayed in my stereo for quite some time now but this CD is just as good as "The Ghost In The Machine", and its good to see DJ Capone puting it together when he really needs to. Styles P. is the Greeziest no matter wut anyone says....D D D D-Block I must also note that this album is the Bootleg version (still 192 Kbps) but it still has that Bootleg sound to it
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im wif u there man this mixtapes good thx mfizz D-Block all day everyday!
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Props mfizzel.....Big fuken tape...DEEEEE BBBBLLLOOOOCCCKKKKK!!!!!!
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track 1 shots fired fucks 50

track 1 shots fired fucks 50 up one of the best disses of 50 by dblock.props MFIZZLE MadeYouLook!
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what fucking gay

what fucking GAY would put deeee blooocckkkk...its D-Block u stupid downy twat...u deserve to die


Seed, seed , seed?!