DJ Clue - Fidel Cashflow 2006: The New Regime

DJ Clue? returns from a short layoff, droppin' a banger to kick off the
'06 campaign. Reppin' Desert Storm and getting ready to drop his 3rd
album in 2006, Clue? aka. Fidel Cashflow hits you with all-new Fabolous,
Mobb Deep/Noyd, Nas, Joe Budden, 50 Cent vs. Game, Paul Wall/Red
Cafe, Mariah Carey & Styles P, Stack Bundles, A-Team & Rick Ross...

1 - DJ Clue? Intro
2 - Jadakiss & Styles P - Ms. Jackson (Dissin' 50 Cent)
3 - Ransom feat. Fabolous - You Don't Want That
4 - Mobb Deep feat. Noyd - Do That Dance
5 - Fabolous - What Cha'll Want
6 - Nas - Escobar 2006
7 - Stack Bundles - Bundles Hot Now
8 - The Game - Dear Mr. President
9 - Desert Storm feat. Ransom, Stack Bundles & Joe Budden - When Animals Attack #2
10 - Red Cafe feat. Fabolous & Paul Wall - Bling Blao pt. 2
11 - The Game - 240 Bars (Dissin' 50 Cent, G-Unit, Spider Loc)
12 - 50 Cent - Not Rich...Still Trying (Dissin' The Game)
13 - Gravy - 40/40
14 - Stack Bundles - Talking All That
15 - Styles P - Favorite Drug
16 - Mariah Carey & DJ Clue? feat. Fabolous & Styles P - Don't Forget About Us, part 2
17 - Chris Brown feat. Ransom - Yo! (Desert Storm remix)
18 - Magno aka. Magnificent - "Tip Down" Freestyle (Desert Storm South)
19 - Rick Ross feat. Busta Rhymes - Hustlin' (remix)
20 - Mobb Deep - Put 'Em On Ya Waist
21 - Outro


dj clue the worst dj I ever

dj clue the worst dj I ever heard in my life! Can someone answer me why this guy never shuts the fuck up in his mixes?

SO that no one can copy his

SO that no one can copy his mixes and exclusives, its a signiture if you will but he is a terrible dj

all this nigga does is take

all this nigga does is take everybody else's joints and throw like 2 exclusives on there.
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hahaha good one

hahaha good one
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Its on so many tapes

Its on so many tapes nowadays. Mick boogie also likes the sound of his own voice too.



dam clue fell off

his mixes just keep getting worse. Good thing he signed Magno, one of the only tracks worth downloading this crap for. Gravy looks good on the 40/40 track. Game just sounds pathetic on Dear Mr. President. What a joke, i dont see how anyone could respect him. i guess he sums it up best at the end when he screams clues name and says bi-polar nigga.
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you're a LAME

you don't know shit.

you know shit

be a hip hop fan, ive seen your homo posts, dont ride the dick of some nigga that lies to you on every track. i bump some Game tracks, but dont believe a word he says, and sure as hell wouldnt stick up for him.
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homo posts? real creative man. and how do you say you bump game, but don't believe a word he says? why do you even listen to him? i don't know how real hip hop fans like you are, but people like me actually have to hold some respect for the people they listen to. maybe that's just me.

your not alone

its not just you, alot of kids gotta believe in the rappers they listen too. But when you grow up you will realize that most of these rappers will say or do anything for the right amount of money. Its business, the world of entertainment. U dont have to respect a person u listen to or watch (do u respect and stick up for everyone from the tv shows and movies u watch?) If the shit sounds good and is creative im gonna listen to it.

MaN, just take it off the

MaN, just take it off the site, it makes the site look bad, the shittest mixtape ever so far.. HE NEEDS TO STICK WID MTV ON DIRECT AFFECT...
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You guys are crazy!!

Clue is the hottest DJ out there. Serious. Professional pt. 3 is going to be the hottest release of the year if it actually comes out in the spring. Big Mike and a few others are up there with him but I don't know why everyone is haten.

has been

clue just needs to stick with tha direct efx $
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Yeah, i heard yall

Clue's shit is soemtimes new and exclusive but you can't enjoy the mixtape when the nigga screaming over all the tracks. he could at least revert to a chime or another signature sound to play during the track. as long as he dont yell and scream over the shit. Max P aka da Reebok Young'n

1 bawl said that rapper r

1 bawl said that rapper r all actor most r but u can tell there real when they going to jail like beans attempted murder. cassidy murder, sytles was locked up, shyne in jail spade o fron major figgas so u cant say they all r fake if u do the shit u say before u rap, most likily ur not going to change over night and stop doing what u

You don't realise that Clue

You don't realise that Clue was one of the originators of mixtapes, I first got the tapes back in '96 when one of the exclusives was Jay-Z, Can't Knock The Hustle... Its not as easy these days to release "exclusives", cos everyone has jumped on the bandwagon, and have made contacts deep in the industry, and get pre-releases on the internet etc... but its because Clue has stayed true to himself and kept on the Hip Hop tip, without going too commercial, which he could have done... His tapes must be the most sought after still, and the "D, J, CLUE! CLUE! CLUE!" echo has been copied by just about every other DJ since... only other person on the same level, I'd say Funkmaster Flex...

you guys are definately crazy

you guys are insane dj clue is the shit and all the professional joints are hot so guess you guys dont know good shit

Chris Brown feat. Ransom -

Chris Brown feat. Ransom - Yo! (Desert Storm remix) is AWSOME