DJ DviousMindz - Beats I Wouldve Gave Jadakiss


"Hey i'm back with my newest instrumental tape DJ DviousMindZ Presents - Beats I
Would'e Gave Jadakiss. I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks for listening and your
support. Feedback is greatly appreciated at or at"

01 - Dviousmindz-Intro
02 - Dviousmindz - Its Not A Secret
03 - Dviousmindz - Mirrors
04 - Dviousmindz - No Answer
05 - Dviousmindz - Walk On By
06 - Dviousmindz - I Cant Be Alone
07 - Dviousmindz - No Worries
08- Dviousmindz - Summer Place
09 - Dviousmindz - My World Is
10- Dviousmindz - Rubberband

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dat shiznit izz kiirazzzzzzzyyyyyyyy

dat shiznit izz kiirazzzzzzzyyyyyyyy

waynesboro virgina. sry but

waynesboro virgina. sry but in my opinion thats why its name what it is...... he "would" have gave jada.. not tryn to knock his hustle but some beats where good most average..
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Go DJ...

been a minute since I picked up one of these. gonna check 'em and give the word later. Dviousmindz...we should get on that mixtape...feel me? "Loyalty: if it is true, it covers all the things people long for - love, trust, peace, accountablilty, honor, respect, and grace. If I can have but one thing, may it be loyalty." - Kris Thomas