DJ dviousmindZ - Beats I Would've Gave Lupe Fiasco


Heres the new mixtape, hope you guys enjoy it. Again these are just basically a
beat cd in the form on the mixtape. I thought these beats would defiantly fit
Lupe Fiasco. I also ask to send me any freestyles or songs over my beats to my
myspace at . Thanks see you next month Decemeber 3!
Stay Tuned

- dviousmindZ

01 Dviousmindz Intro
02 Another Day
03 I Dont Want To Be Lonely
04 I Will If You Will
05 Tender Things
06 Dust In The Wind
07 Tell Me Youll Wait
08 Close To You
09 Nowhere To Go
10 Singing A Song
11 Bumpys Lament

beatsiwouldvegavelupefiasco.torrent15.01 KB

Don't waste your time or

Don't waste your time or computer space..bunch of lame ass beats.

lol at that fuckin picture.

lol at that fuckin picture.

Tape shoulda been

Tape shoulda been titled: Beats Lupe Would've Rejected

they just hatin' bro

they just hatin' bro

track 5

has a good flow
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I think the tracks or pretty tight. Lupe would have definitely killed them. -Proper Boi-

dvious the great

Definately feeling allota his craft...I think u gotta be sumwut cultured to do sumthing over these instrumentals---and uuumm btw check yo! out and, i did a track called spaceship over one his is jimmeys--- yerp