DJ Ideal - Lil Jon & BME Records: The BME Mixtape

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DJ Ideal launches this official BME Records mixtape on behalf of BME
CEO Lil' Jon and the Akademiks clothing line. Having sold more than 5
million records to date, BME is only getting started, and this mix is a full
preview of their crazy roster. This mix features exclusive heat by Lil' Jon,
Scrappy, Elephant Man, E-40, Trillville, Pitbull, Chyna Whyte & Bohagon.

1 - Lil' Jon - Intro
2 - Lil' Scrappy feat. Bohagon - Money In The Hood
3 - Lil' Jon - Interlude
4 - Lil' Jon feat. E-40, Sean Paul (of the Youngbloodz) & Pitbull - Snap Ya Fingers
5 - Lil' Scrappy - Introduces New Single
6 - Lil' Scrappy feat. Bohagon & Pitbull - You Ain't Know
7 - Lil' Scrappy - Interlude
8 - E-40 feat. Lil' Scrappy & Bohagon - Pussy Niggaz
9 - Lil' Jon - Interlude
10 - Trillville feat. Big Sam - Watch Me Do It
11 - Lil' Jon Introduces Bohagon
12 - Bohagon feat. Lil' Jon, D4L & Crime Mob - Wuz up
13 - Elephant Man Checks In
14 - Oobie feat. Elephant Man - P**** Control
15 - Lil Jon - Ain't Nobody Fuckin Wit Da "A" - Interlude
16 - Bohagon - Fuck You
17 - Pitbull - Bojangles
18 - E-40 - Tell Me When To Go
19 - Elephant Man - Spin Your Rag
20 - Lil' Jon - MySpace
21 - Trillville - Infiltrate
22 - Chyna White Checks In
23 - Chyna White feat. Yo Gotti - Huh Brah
24 - Lil' Scrappy feat. Chyna White - Shake My World
25 - Crime Mob - Rock Yo Hips
26 - E-40 feat. Lil' Jon - Been There, Done That
27 - Lil' Jon - Outro
28 - Trillville feat. E-40 - I'm A Pimp
29 - Lil' Jon - Get That New Akedemiks Gear
30 - BHI feat. K-Rab and Lil' Jon - Do It, Do It (Pool Palace)

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hot shit. get this.
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PROPS mfizzel.....

Does anyone know what happened to THE EASTSIDE BOYZ ????
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E.S.B went bk to the

E.S.B went bk to the eastside.....this is a real hot mixtape. Get it!BETTABELIZEIT....LEGACY ENT. WE RUN AZ

maaaaaaa fuckaaaaaa im havin

maaaaaaa fuckaaaaaa im havin eargasmz dope dope dope this shit id pay 4, fuckin feel cheap./naaaa mean... big ups & cheeers 4 dis joint.. braydead


Props for the nice mixtape... only it needs some ID3 tags man! iPods don't like untagged stuff!

Download Tag&Rename and you

Download Tag&Rename and you can give your mp3s tags in a matter of minutes

This iz the shizzle, bad

This iz the shizzle, bad mixtape
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Too Bad Its Not MP3s

I hate it when the songs are wma's whats a good converting program to change them to mp3s?
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WMA IZ SHIT !!!!!!!!

Be careful my man, the next i open my mouth about this tape, somebody delete my comment !!!! But i can't help you, except to tell you put it's too bad , that's in wma...
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WMA in MP3

So if you're in MAC go download this : you could encode wma in mp3 so enjoy...;)

converting WMA

if you're on PC, just burn that sh!t using WMP. then rip it into iTunes or WMP as mp3. Big Ups to the cat who put this on...this is the hottest mixtape out there right now.

hawt shit

real class dope! cheers fizzie


this iz gravy!! props
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how do i download if there

how do i download if there is no attachment

Where is the Torrent.File ???

Where is the Torrent-File for this Mixtape ? I can't find it on that page.

if the mixtape is in the

if the mixtape is in the directory there isn't going to be a torrent file. goto the mixtqpe torrents category

how do i find this?

I reseeded this mixtape at since it was almost dead on the web.

i am cool

Hello I love google and Yahoo! :) Bye

cool songs baby

cool songs baby
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So i got 99.1% of this downloaded. can i get a seed for bout 5 min? Duval County