DJ Noodles & DJ Buddha Present Pitbull - Mr. Worldwide

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01-Alright Intro
02-Not An Alcoholic
03-Pearly Gates
04-Shut It Down
05-Work It Out
06-Sexy Bitch
08-Video Phone
09-Heart Beat Love
10-Take Me Away
11-Maldito Alchol
13-El Sol Y Ya Playa
14-This Boy
15-Tik Tok
16-Fresh Out The Oven
17-Ni Rosas Ni Jugetes
18-Go Crazy
19-All About U
20-Jucie Box
21-Hotel Room Service (Remix)
22-City Of Gods
23-Floor On Fire
24-How Low
25-My City

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ATTENTION: Don't Sleep On This, It Will Get U Alot Of Pussy!

This nigga ain't callin himself Mr. Worldwide for nothin. I've gone from the States, and all throughout Europe and I'm tellin you, a large majority of mixed-mulatto bitches of different cultures, shapes and sizes are feelin this shit. If you a true playa, this shit is worth the download. Yo niggas ain't gon ride too this shit, but a ass bad Latina or European bitch will "RIDE" too this shit. "...Why do I have feet? "
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~Remember, if your accelerator becomes wedged, to follow these simple instructions: Dip, stop, stop, dip, dip, stop, ghost ride the whip!~


You got it! "...Why do I have feet? "
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Nice party mix here

This is a good add-on to the collection, for the wild freaky chicks. (listening to dude more and more)
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My boy can really flow I hate that he didn't keep killin shit as far as street shit.His first 3 mixtapes were so hard then theres this?But I hear him thats that rised with 2live crew shit,Either way some freaky bitch shit![DEFEND DADE]