Hood Affairs TV Vol 10 (DVD)


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- This special Anniversary Edition Volume 10 features exclusive footage with Juelz Santana presenting his new venture with Def Jam: SKULL GANG. Their Skull Gang mixtape recently infiltrated the streets and laid the foundation for the next chapter in Juelz career and now Juelz & Co. speak on their movement.

- Young Jeezy and the entire C.T.E. family come through and hit Hood Affairs hard to celebrate for #10. With Roccett & 211 repping for the west coast, Slick Pulla and Roccett hit Hood Affairs with their Pop Bottles, and Blood Raw speaks on grinding out his solo album debut. Young Jeezy the boss blesses Hood Affairs with some exclusive CTE footage for the anniversary jump-off.

- Live from Farmers Boulavard, Hood Affairs is granted an exclusive interview with the GOAT: Greatest Of All Time, the honorable and legendary LL Cool J. He paved the way for artists today to be cashing checks, and he almost got away from that shark in Deep Blue Sea. L's on fiyah. Speak on it.

- EXCLUSIVE Behind-the-Scenes footage with rap's royal majesty Lil Wayne and the old school pioneer microphone don the blastmaster KRS-One.

- An EXCLUSIVE peak at TRAP-A-HOLIC DVD #2, the sequel to the Gucci Mane hood documentary DVD magazine that profiled the ATL's hottest rapper in 2008. You don't want to miss Part 2, coming soon to MixUnit.com.

ALSO: Live inside the G-Unit headquarters with Tony Yayo, the G-Unit henchmen and loyalist takes you through the compound and grants HOOD AFFIARS exclusive access.

ALSO FEATURING EXCLUSIVES WITH: Grand Hustle & T.I. / Young Dro / Mac Boney -- Lil Boosie and his new label Bad Azz Ent. / Jim Jones - The Capo In Miami -- Behind the Scenes Pop Champagne video shoot / The Young Money/Dirty Money's First Lady Nicky Minaj / The Aphilliates DJ Drama & Willie The Kid / King of Philly? Exclusive Interviews with Beanie Siegle and Gillie da Kid

ALSO, APPEARANCES FROM: Bun B/ Gucci Mane/ Young Joc/ Topadalyne/ Dame Dash/ Trey Songs Chubby Baby and more. As an added bonus a sneak peak from Gucci Mane: "Trap-A-Holic 2" DVD and the internet-famous "So Icey Boys Freestyle"

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bapenape rockin ass nigga

bapenape rockin ass nigga
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this shit is pretty hot, more DVD's should be uploaded on this site! Also just wanna say Kanye West is the biggest fuckin jerkoff in the world, that was so ignorant what he did, them tight clothes must be cutting the circulation off to his brain, never liked the guy but now I can say I actually hate em
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I 2nd that whole notion, i

I 2nd that whole notion, i think his ego is really starting to get to him. I also think he is riding jay's dick a little too hard, i mean the way he got mad you would think he was married to beyonce instead of hov. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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yeah i hear ya, you know he's on jay's dick hardcore, thats why he did that shit, that or he's tryna fuck beyonce on the DL in his mind lol. I dont know but whatever the case that shit was just fuckin ignorant as hell, he took that little girls moment and just shit on it, he'll get his, karma is a muthafucka, what goes around comes around ya know!

I said coming to this site i

I said coming to this site i was going to learn u nigg's something...i'll get to this kanye isht n a minute,but the dvd is cool nothing more than usual,but i remember when alot of these type of dvd's were on this site and mf's was bit*h'in & screaming like baby zombie's in this hoe..i really can't get with u converted hip hop lovers..u know what evers hot or anti south im with type of dudes..as for kayne the negro out of line but thats it the nigg was drinkin, plus he wild anyway..kanye & white people don't mix..this isht was ridiculous but so what he embarrassed t. swift isht they hung nigg's in front of thier families ..hell during a festival or sum isht for the whole town to see..the town people get angry at the the officials ..isht we need a hang'in to calm this down..fireworks the whole nine..romans had the same ideaology..i.e.(gladiators)coliseum..so kanye stepped over the line and said some isht (in front of possibly millions) that most people said at home amongst themselves..at work or wat ever..say kanye ain't gangsta but u can tell he been around some ...the nigg do all those good white sampled songs and u mf's forget that nigg from chi-town...lol...suck a dead dogs dic*...


You're on some straight bullshit. Kayne actions that night make him a ignorant lame fuck, No pardons, No "He was drunk" him being drunk is just adding fuel to the fire. Then you start rambling off about some ancient shit that has nothing to do with what you first said. Check the facts before you go talking a bunch of irrelevant non sense. Dead as shit@"go suck a dead dogs dick"

1st off ur name is creepy

1st off ur name is creepy and it screams rapist amongst other wierd isht..u don't realize thats the isht kanye on..him losing his mom didn't help it's safe to say anywhere kanye is it's going to be sum wild isht..i mean who comes to the awward with the hen..bottle..ok thats out the way..so who's really the fool..u wouldn't invite a crackhead to smoke sum good wit cha..kanye a fiend for attention they wanted that ..they got it jus not in a way they thought..about the so called ancient isht ..if u call 50 to 65years a long period of time..tack on another 10 for other bs..get ur facts together ..i said what i felt homie which yeah the nigg wild ..blahh..dummy..but i know where he comin from...would i had did it naw ,but if a mf did hey some time isht happen ..it's worse isht going on..KATRINA.. thats ancient to huh...and i know that b.s spells supposely blackout...i bet they do lil boys dont suppose to have pills and beer..

Da fuck?

Kid... are you retarded? You think my name screams rapist? Yo you are on the BIGGEST bullshit ever or are you just handicaped you little kid! Here you go again.. EVERYTHING you just said has NOTHING to do with wtf I said and wtf you typed, and you're telling me to get my facts together? Are you really that shook that you sound that retarded? Kayne west is a FLAT OUT Racists and fail ass fucking asshole!?! and you're telling me to get my facts together? !!!ahahah!!! I could laugh at your pathetic post for hours, Son, it is YOU who need to get your facts straight! And quit arguing with grown ass men, next time you want to make a personal attack on me, make sure YOUR info is correct. (No hating) peace -blackout- (By the way my name has nothing to do with rapist or racism ya weak lil nigga)

There ya go boy COME IN THE

There ya go boy COME IN THE LIONS DEN....but yo yung azz still did't defeat my statement ..u jus got emotional like i new ur halo playin ass wud..do u history yung'in and stop making isht up..besides im not arguing im stating my opinion a long with some facts ..matter of fact next u aint worth it kid u know nothing i feel like a bully ...but btw ur names means nothing u made it up..like those so call facts ..america is racist lil nerd...mf 's act like this nigg did a hate crime ...nigg bush had u mf's like lil puppets and u put him in two terms ...i guess im racist because most white people full of isht..changing the bible and every thing..ya'll gone kill us all..and worried about dogs and isht...pill ya face meth eating azz boy!!! u learn better u do better!!! 100 I GOT SICK OF U INTERNET THUGGIN ASS BOYS SO IM GOING TO LAY IN ON U HATERS EVERYTIME...
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you are stupid, look it up idiot. white people didn't change the bible... the majority of Christians when the bible was canonized where former jews, not whites moron... you put bush in for two terms fuck... 100 you can't spell or form a sentence, you couldn't lay anyone out on the internet, it would take someone who is able to argue on a level that you are incapable of... i have read all your posts, you haven't put up one argument other than that is the way he is... well yes kanye acted the fool and that is why he practically cried like a little girl when jay leno called his ass out.
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Did anybody esle notice that

Did anybody esle notice that both times, when he said Bush didnt like black people and when he jumped on stage on Taylor Swift, that he seemed nervous and uncomfortable like maybe someone was talking him into doing that shit? Like maybe he was starting to look to soft to be a rapper and needed something to up his image? Most folks go to jail real quick but he had to do something that was more his style. Im not defending him at all, just noticed that it wasnt natural
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he knew it was wrong

that is why he seemed to be a little weird both times i thought... take it from me, someone who often gets angry and says stuff he doesn't truly mean, i know immediately after i said it that it was to far... the only thing to really save me on the internet is the old proof read... i usually read what i am writing at least once before i hit enter, and thank god for spell check or i might look as dumb as some of these people, my 7th grade teacher told me i would be good in life as long as i had spell check, true shit... whatever like i said down there, i think he really feels bad about what he said this time... alot of people have come thru and not one person that i have talked to since then about that have thought it was ok (white or black everyone thinks he is an ass)... but anyone can change trust me.
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MTV paid him....

growth & development... VMA'S dropped off some paper to west so it can up there ratings.

you dont say stupid...im

you dont say stupid...im backing everything up with facts thats y u can't understand this isht ..of course jews as well as arabs mostly romans all cannonize the bible ..you really don't know what ur talking about,in the last 10 years alone the bible has been translated by all types of unknown groups/people..many who openly admit rewording and using thier own interpatations ,plus r supposely self taught of the greek and hebrew language,JE.WIT.OPENLY ADMIT THAT JEHOVAH IS AND HAS BEEN PROVEN THAT its really not the way to pronounce it,but its become so familar that they still use it!! so please lil dude get ur facts right and stop letTING some body tell u what to believe and learn for ur self...thats y its so many denominations because fools like ur self wont think for ur self so u make religion a club ..and to add to things u know nothing about which is the vulgate book,Apocrypha's,kjv..i bet u think king james actually wrote the kjv version.. it was a dedication,plus he was a undeniable fag..like u..dont get me startED fool ...u prolly a mormon baptizing the dead a isht...u are no where near my level homie..next time u kick some facts ..try not to pick obivious facts like the jews...blahh..blah..who dont know that..who dont know whiteS r so in gods face until they say he's white..jesus was white,(i guess all egyptians were white to).. ..i mean who does that..ohh yeah lil whtie dude...ur of anglo decent fool..and because of slavery u me & alot of other races are mixtures one big melting pot of b.s.because of slavery, but r considered black, white what eva .. by orgin dam fool..don't believe let me school ya..look at dominicans,latino's..cubans...all those people aint nothing but nigg's..sumoains..they some mo nigg's..im african i should speak my native language..but i speak english..i dont look like queen elizabeth..i could go on and on but ..from here on out ..jus black history to u..u gone learn boy ..u gone learn.. look all this up lil dude and u'll be informed ...ohh yeah i can say u white mf's have lost the country ,or shall i say been lost this hoe..columbians run the country washINGTON district of colmbia... next time u on the interstate look at the road signs ..u'll see columbian something alot...look at the biggest broadcating station C.B.S...COLUMBIAN BRAODCAST SYSTEM..USE UR BRAIN..U TO LIL WHITE DUDE ..this NWO isht gone cause a civil war people dont think that isht possible ..it's happening every where else ..and to all the brothers these white mf's..AINT HUNTING AND ISHT 4 NOTHING ..BETTER GET UR GUN RANGE ON AND IM NONE VIOLENT LIKE MARTIN LUTHA BUT FOR ME TO BE HERE FOR MY DAUGHTER I MIGHT TO SHOOT CHA...this illuminati isht real.. whites arent really behind the isht..but jus like anytime in history them dam fools will sell thier souls for money & power...nothing but some lil muffet babies..dam puppets...100
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.. you are ignorant

like i said form a sentence... first off do you want to go into god's name yhwh.. that is what it is. oh and i knew that without looking it up... have you ever laid eyes on the dead sea scrolls... oh shit, well i have in the library of London if memory serves me correct, or maybe it is the British library in London, whatever i have seen them, the text are identical in nature, with only minor grammatical errors in translating from the modern texts... that was my complete point by the way that white men really didn't have much to do with the bible being canonized... yes Jesus didn't look anything like he is depicted, that is the image of Cesar Borgia, i don't know about the spelling... his father a pope had most of the images of Christ destroyed, as well as being an evil fuck he appointed most of his family to power in the church, that is what the history tells us, but it is murky at best... i have studied every major religion... shit do you want to talk about all the others and how their major texts weren't even written until a thousand years after they happened, they where all orally given texts, like the Torah and Qur’an to start... king james translated the bible i believe into English so that the people could read it... the priests at the time would rather it stay in Latin so that the people wouldn't realize what it said about the poor, the Catholics being the richest organization even then... i never thought that he wrote it... now we can get back to jhwh, i believe this is where jehovah came into play... in greek it is pronounced Tetragrammaton, which really just means "word having four letter"... since it is a sin in the Jewish faith to say gods name... i know exactly what it looks like in Hebrew ( יהוה ) since i am saving a spot on my left wrist for it to be tattooed for the last 5 years... so since no one ever said the word they didn't know how to pronounce it now did they, hence Jehovah... which to me has always been a mix of jah and allah... you don't want to get into a religious argument with me really... oh and i will have to agree Mormons and strangely enough the Catholics have fallen the farthest from the Christ tree, if there is one... and your really going to talk shit on kjames since with out him the Catholics would still have you in the dark about it, unless you know Latin, maybe you do...100... go back to Africa if you don't like English, but when you couldn't find any water you would come home i think... and your right columbia is taking over..lol... are you serious with that shit, been reading the new dan brown... look it up Viacom used to own CBS, have you ever met the Redstone brothers i have, they are old Jewish guys that are so cheap that they wont pay for a drink at Carl's Jr., they get the free cup and put soda in it...lol.. that's real shit right there for you... "i want that Viacom money cause rhyming ain't enough"... the guy ghost wrote that about, the guy that fired tom cruise wouldn't spend a dollar extra for anything... he isn't running shit he is an old fuck. period... maybe if you fools could see these people you would understand, they are just rich, if anything they are holding secret meetings in the country clubs where they all hang out and play golf... they sit around and play cards like you have never seen for stupid money and talk about who they want to fuck, that's real, not taking over the world just it's money... and yes they know each other because they are rich, that is all... get off that illminatti shit... you sound stupid.

ok im not going to get into

ok im not going to get into a argument with u period ..not on the net..i prolly talk about u but,i wouldn't get to personal wit cha..i really aint wit all the jaw'in..but like i stated on my 1st comment since ur lil dumb azz read all my comments ...WTF..CAN U SAY NOT THAT SERIOUS (IN MY WHITE VOICES)..OK i'll stop fuckin wit u & get down to it..im simply going to down play all that b.s u jus said one last time & hope u get it ..and keep lookn the isht up like u been doing...lil white dude got 5 tabs open sum isht...lol..but i was wit ya until u start sayin isht that jus did make sense or somebody who knows the isht they wouldn't say..first off catholics origin is romans dummy who were murders conquers..u name it..because the were the minority they had no choice..look it up..u act like they were saints and did it out of good will..look it up..DAM THIS EASY... do u know the whole roman empire believe that if u slept wit a woman u would become a weaker man..and vice versa...so they believe in all type of isht ..many gods dude they only change thier ways because they were out numbered by jews and arab ..(but arabs were called by another name..(cant remember wat)...ohh by the way im not writing a thesis here so u get the point..i really dont care how the sentences come out im not proof reading this isht foolish ass white boy..but any way mane dis nicca..lol..say dude(lol)u talked about rich mf's this isht a game to them its a society free masons they don't deny the isht wat the fuck can u do when u got brain washed niece fuckin ass mf's in the world like u..bush grand father funded nazi...by chance huh...the federal government is own by a family not a cabinet,president ..(man u stupid dogg)...sum isht like that a family..heres some other isht to prove u dont know a dam thing ..u act like king james was a greek scholar sum isht ..i mean come on man they always wat to make some body important..i know about the muslim lil dude..i got the quran..dude i know about mohammad and how he wanted to kill himself & attempted 3 times & the angel gabariel appeared to him..i know alot of the history of a MAN..i know he's per say the last prophet...i know he was in his forty's when these things happen but was a prophet by birth...u googling isht man fuck out of here...on to another point u said viacom used to own cbs but the name always been cbs dam fool ..if u sell dope right.. half the isht u own in another mf name ..i mean thats jus 1 b.s analogy to make that isht u said sound dumb ..and every body know jews caked up dog i told u stop saying obivious isht ..i bet everything i've said mf's look at it like this nigg full of isht ,but the isht make sense if i word it right like i said opie fuc proof readin hell im doing enough typing this isht..but yeah jews own most or dam near all sports teams ..blahh ..blahh...the real mf's the feds..these people u say r jus rich u aint gone realize until yo ass cant even live a free life ..this isht dam near a closed society all the traffic cameras ..look at ur drivers license bet u got a bar code on it that was for 9/11.. war and post war gives them power to do what they what look at big brother program..phone & email taps when people think it's a threat they give there freedom away..look up the art of war........ ...look up the video of all the presidents that r alive meeting every year in july at the same place for the last 100 and some years ..so yeah obama will be there when his term is up..but anyway one more point to prove ur lil slow ass wrong..jus because u say u seen the scrolls doesn't mean ur ass knew how to read them ..in case u didn't know thats not ur typical hebrew or greek language ..i mean im tried of doing this to u ..it takes years to learn .. thats y theres this big dispute over the bible ..the books in it and how it is interpeted..look up the vulgate bible..antilegomena..don't look at the history of when it was being canonized look at when the new testament developed..look when solomon wrote proverbs ecclesiastes ..etc..during what his reign ....look at king david and his involvement wit psalms..on and on..pharisees ..the written and oral torah who except it & who don't..who's right/ who wrong..judeo..socrates supposely influnece..canon law - martin luther..the latin church father st.caprain ..(spell check).. also textus receptus..i could go all day man so do ur self a faavur and stop homie...go to that libriary in london..lol..& read up because ur sources all messed up right now...granted u made some points at times but on this real isht u dont got a clue u wont know to u got a chip in ass...100..***learn better,do better***
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i actually own a Greek and Hebrew translation of the bible but ok... like i said you aren't trying to get into a biblical argument with me, or religious for that matter since i have studied most until i found them as retarded as you... you are stupid, that is 1000 mother fucker... here is a link www.HookedonPhonics.com ... head over there learn how to hold an intelligent conversation and lets say in ten or so years, you can get back online and maybe we can continue... until then maybe you should visit a library yourself.

you saying the same isht

you saying the same isht dumb ass boy..no facts jus a bunc of short safe ass answers isht a 5 grader would no ..stop uploading mixtapes and use that link u think i need ..u a joke it sobvious u ran into the wrong mf this time ..like i said keep up loading and stick to what u might know ...and y u insist on arguing about the bible ..it's clear u own sum my pa pa..told me type isht...man this isht comical...i got a degree homie ..street sense to fool ..u saying isht u cant prove..i can prove all i say from the things i stated already and the isht im going to contiue to say..jus look this isht up..but ur naive and stupid and prolly never been out the burbs so i ubderstand stay safe lil dude ..if u would jus say something other than ..ur not making complete sentences ur this and that i would think u had sense and was about something..but ur clueless and think jus think ur smart,ur informed in a typical way..i bet u believe in santa claus...read up on melchizedek and how he had no father nor mother or genealogy (instresting huh) heb.7 since u got the text (thats jus funny)..and means nothing other than u got the book...i got the movie city of god & cant understand nothing thier saying with out the subtitles...if u got one it's prolly tranlated with a million man made interpetation as foot notes and rewording i don't care if they change light to luminaries or is to a..god to jehovah..taking the mighty away when talking about jesus ..what does the bible say about the changing and adding to the text...u let it be known ur kinda stupid and dumb..jus kinda..but still ..i believe ur agnostic or a codex gigas believer.......heres a question be real and stop looking isht up..what kind of race was the rephain and the emim,,...dude im on this stuff hard homie ur not getting any where with these lame come backs ... i got this ..i got that ..wat do u know dummy ..what have u learned..read some real history and stop buying these quick money making books from celebrty type mf's ..i bet u love benny hinn..ur reatared dude if i was going to say the same isht i wouldnt say nothing at all ...go to datpiff albino trailer trash ...u would be better off giving ur sister some head and jerkin ya brother than u would be f'kin wit me boy....
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like i said, and i didn't even bother to read this... so that i didn't lower my IQ anymore, you idiot haven't come with facts but speculation... i don't believe anything that you are saying i believe in this statement or the last... like i said organized religion is about as perverted as your mom and dad, which i will just assume for the sake of argument where related since you obviously have learning problems... don't reply unless you can reply with straight facts in real sentences that someone can read. shit dumb fuck. shit shit shit shit.

fag u haven't had a iq to

fag u haven't had a iq to taint ..ur slow as isht and can't comprehend if i had pic's or illastrations of what i speak ..which is the something other than the b.s they teach in school ....keep jerk off on to these mixtape covers ..then let ur sister/mom drink it..u said we are related please man dont out me in ur sad ass shoe's..u mf's been on here for years talkin isht(shit) thats for u slow mf's who cant quite get it...simply u white lil dudes know nothing...i'll be gone soon enough..i jus had to sign up ..and expose u fags for what u really r ...want to be's..and thats it..want to be's..nothing more nothing less...u r fags but everybody already know that...next please ..i haven't heard isht that makes sense come out ur mouth yet..and ur proof reading and trying to make complet sentences...keep it short like u been doing ass because u havent said nothing yet...and most religions are as fake and stupid as u...100...lets get gangsta since thats what you all want to be...lets talk about the star of david,jeff rord..hoover,mickey,shorty,tookie,vl's..ivl's..cvl's,renagades,loc's..maniacs,the 3 m's..the 3 d's,the pyramid,the pit fork,bgd's gd's..bg's,,latin kings,young crowd or yc's..king of king's..black panthers..rolling sixty's..p stone's..bloods ...lets talk about geronimo pratt..u know political prisoners,hoover c's...4 corner hustlers..man u white boy's dont know isht but what mf tell u..i lived this isht ...im a mason ..thats how know about the level of degrees u can and will not reach..i.e..free mason better known as the (k)illluminatie..look ayt pac 's album...the 7 day therory...yeah it means kill the illuminatie..u keep saying dumb isht and i'll keep ..teaching u something ok..now go to ur room....jackass is on..fuckin loser!!!i said i wwouldn't get to personal,but since u insist..fuck u ur moms..dad ..ur future child..hold up ..u and ur boyfriend want be having kids...but thats not enough facts to stop u homo's from trying is it??..im not responding to u anymore ..ur to dumb..and closed minded and prolly worship that tat u say u gone get....and for ur info..only because u think u know when it's obivious u dont ...not all jews excepted christ ..ever heard of enoch..he was believe to be the only righteous man amongst the jews at his time ..but even after that...a large majority didn't believe get it together homie...all this off the top of the dome..now thats a low iq for u..but u cant say nothing to defeat any point i made..and i know u've looked some of this stuff up by now and see it's real..but maybe not the unemployment office does close at a certain time poor as youngin!!
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i haven't had to look up one

i haven't had to look up one thing you told me and not all of them are facts most are speculation and opinion like i said... you are stupid you expose yourself... oh and because i am white i have never heard of gangs.. Part of my family rolls deep in a prison gang NLR, another form of suppression if you ask me, not to mention that i not being 100%, i am a melting pot like you said, would not be excepted, but if you don't think it would take a phone call then you are stupid... not to mention i have always been told i have nothing to fear of prison in califonia... oh and the star of david to pick it off the top, one of my customers has a diamond one around his neck, by way of chi town he came... i can't remember the name of his gang but that is there logo, at least that's what he told me when i asked him about it when i sold him his weight... like i said i don't run with gangs but if you want to start comparing Rolodexs then we can i don't give a shit... you see that shit true_hustlin, you think that is a joke because i am white... i have never thought of myself as a gangster just a business man... it's the gangsters that i do business with that told me i was a gangster and not many of them are white, but some are... i still would tell you that i am no gangster... i could care less for your OPINIONS about the world... i could care less what you think of me, i know what i am, i know what i speak and i speak what i know.

do u know what a rolodex is..u stupid..lol..UR A SECRETARY

..this white boy proved he is a dumb ass ..(ROLODEX)..okk man i see u've gotten the point i'll stop beating it into u,but honestly i was simply saying im not ur average black guy..i really have alot of white friends and customers!i really am a mason,i know history and so called conspiracy theories(some with undeniable facts and so not so much)to be blunt i could care less as to what you do,it really has no bearing on me,i just worry about my annual..which is always growing with no set blance,even the nine to five..is based on sales,incentives (which is possibly more than u week to week dude)as well as a base...sat. & sun..traders village space #203...which is pretty unpredictable,but pays car note,insurance,social activities,cell phone(g1 might i add)and it's on 2day rental free for the allocated space...#203..lol..another plug!!truesucker..i know the ends and outs of this system democracy/facism..uwhite people been seeking since nat turner and his band of cold bloody murders,who many blacks consider hero's...i really have to change speeds wit ur lil white ass to let u know this real isht over here dude...example: i know blacks aren't the only people or race to be in slaved it's been away of life in most of history,also that tribes sold nigg's for sugar, rifles,fine garments,spices,and all type of b.s.to change speeds agin sense u on the slow side ..what about pearl harbor the funding of both world wars by one side(us)..what about the (lasutania)what about (mlk)...what about 21 year old fred hampton..what about king tut..the black cross..b4 the red cross..what about that street light u stop at..or that great air condition we enjoy..heart tranplates..the light bulb..lets be honest it wouldnt stay on for more than two days b4 the black guy helped out) the ironing board,dust pan,streeet sweeper,cooling sytems in vehicles,the buffalo soldiers,the north american treaty..THE AMERO (LOOK THIS ISHT UP)..i could keep saying isht u dont understand so u dismiss it....what ever floats ur boat...ur jus a dumb fag ..THE ROLODEX SHIT WAS HALARIOUS THO..IM STILL LOL...100
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...compare Rolodexs.. in

...compare Rolodexs.. in other words people we know... i have actually never used one... have you ever heard of a figure of speech, probably not that is why you are on that stupid conspiracy shit... really you have a g1 (i had to use google to even find out what that was).. shit i just synced my contacts into my new touchpro2 yesterday.. what the fuck you know about that nigg.. whatever it is a fucking phone you idiot who the fuck cares i will shit on it and throw it in the toilet and go get another... quit feeding your ego there is nothing that you have schooled me on...100...1,000... 10,000..100,000... 1mil you stupid fuck... like i said go to a library and learn something.... IGNORANT... that is all you are.

dam now u say a figure of

dam now u say a figure of speech ..u were talking about diamonds which there is a such thing ,but i knew u were lying had to call u out on it..im thru u suck donkey balls..and prolly a white dude that gets food stamps or is the trailer park bootlegger..sum isht ..but any way i smashed ur ass like i would if i saw u..i would do u bad boy ..u see the difference true fag,..i mean fake hustler ..dam it true hustlin the isht i've said i would definitely say to ur face ..bitch made nigg u couldnt win a fight on round 4 on ps3..basicaly white dude u wouldnt f'k with me in ur dreams...i'll be a nightmare for ur ass...u nigg's will never see me im on another level ..stay ready to dig a grave ..keep ah gun and shovel...pussy...100...and i got street and higher education smarts homie ..let me school u once again... do like i did and go to a community college(associates degree) but make sure ur dumb ass enroll in classes u can transfer to a university,do that.. make some money in the industry and gain real world experience, then tranfer ur credits to continue for a B.A OR HIGHER ..or simply take a couple of certified courses to beef up ur annual..opps ur not worried about annual ur more of a weekly loser...but all this will save ur dumb ass at least 20,000 on education..u see im not as bad as u think...i told u ur going to learn boy b4 its all done!!!
true_hustlin's picture

the Rolodex was a figure of

the Rolodex was a figure of speech... you stupid fuck... now my friend Ramone has a diamond star of David on the chain around his neck, and he is from Chicago, unless you didn't get it... "what you know about the star of david", then you went on to list a number of other gangs, which i assumed you were claiming some sort of affiliation with..., that was my response tool... i, unlike you, know made men and deal with them on a daily basis... shit i know callers... like i said nothing i have written here is a lie, unlike you, i know what i speak and i speak what i know.

u lie like a lame thats from a lame place..(guesssing) the o.c

WATCHING MOVIES DONT COUNT AS KNOWING SOMEBODY FAG..IT'S FUNNY HOW U ARE SO HIGH PROFILE WITH GREEK AND HEBREW LITERATURE,made men,prison mafia's,dropping weight on customers,and other fairy tale isht u can come up with ..listen lil dude noboy believes anything that comes out your mouth..u haven't said anything that holds weight..lets be honest lil dude your a 100 % WANNA BE..i mean with all this big isht u got going on u sure upload alot of mixtapes..matter a fact this it,i'll leave your pathetic ass along,b4 u stop uploading ..keep that isht up..i know what ur doing tho pushing this lesson/example of how gay u are to the back ground i dont blame you mane ...but keep up the good work..upload some old psycho drama ..fake ass ..i mean ole buddy..ole pal..
true_hustlin's picture

that just shows how dumb you

that just shows how dumb you are i have never uploaded one mixtape... more truth to counteract your lies... and i will leave it there...100...ole pal.
true_hustlin's picture

oh and i am not in the oc...

oh and i am not in the oc... as a matter of fact you haven't guessed right once.

Just stop kid...

former jews ..what the fuck ..i told u that every since your first comment you have made yourself look like a complete ass lil dude..it's all good though dummy...u stupid for real there's no way some one use to be a jew dam fool,are u really that slow,u must be if u think anyone believes a word u say..also the first complete english translated bible was done by Myles Coverdale,who use the tyndale bible and original greek and latin text...check the history of eramus,and the genva bible which is basically the kjv..about 75 years b4 it came about ..u see everytime i leave u i drop something on you..i dont jus call u names like stupid ..which u are but ..who doesn't know that by now...100..***learn better,do better***
true_hustlin's picture

it's pretty easy to be a

it's pretty easy to be a former jew, when you are talking about religion... you convert to another religion... the early Christians where people who believed Christ was the messiah hence they where Jewish there was actually quit a debate after Christs death as to the admittance of the gentiles into the faith... really when you think about it Christianity is just another offshoot of the Jewish faith... and in your first posts you said king James translated it himself.. now you are contradicting yourself...bro like i said earlier... you can go back and use whatever research you want now to discount me... "i know what i speak and i speak what i know"... bro like i said i don't care... if i really did i would go back through your posts and pick them apart line by line... about 20% fact about 80% fiction... and we aren't talking about this last one... now like i said before, and like has been suggested by others i am going to stop debating with someone that is obviously beneath me intellectually.***learn better,do better***... man you sould take your own advice...done.
UrBoiKooLAiD's picture

HaHA Ghostownt an Internent Thug. hahaha

Ghostown720 wrote:
There ya go boy COME IN THE LIONS DEN....but yo yung azz still did't defeat my statement ..u jus got emotional like i new ur halo playin ass wud..do u history yung'in and stop making isht up..besides im not arguing im stating my opinion a long with some facts ..matter of fact next u aint worth it kid u know nothing i feel like a bully ...but btw ur names means nothing u made it up..like those so call facts ..america is racist lil nerd...mf 's act like this nigg did a hate crime ...nigg bush had u mf's like lil puppets and u put him in two terms ...i guess im racist because most white people full of isht..changing the bible and every thing..ya'll gone kill us all..and worried about dogs and isht...pill ya face meth eating azz boy!!! u learn better u do better!!! 100 I GOT SICK OF U INTERNET THUGGIN ASS BOYS SO IM GOING TO LAY IN ON U HATERS EVERYTIME...

fag i'll leave that isht for

fag i'll leave that isht for u..im a flea market vendor...i work for lear sister company for gm..and im a mason...5th degree...ghostown nigga is a real hood in cali memphis and mississippi..so i dont gotta act like what i am is this or that ..u can youtube or google my hood white boy....i download from this site alot and got tired of u white fags ..saying isht that u dont know ..so im not interested in the mixtape igot all these old ass tapes any way u fags r 3 and 4 weeks late 90 % of the time wit getting this new isht so its pointles to comment on some isht thats been out forever but u mf's jus puttin it up..slow on all levels..call it what u want poor white boy got tired of asking his moms and brother of a dad questions so he gave up ..which he had already did about 3 post ago...if any thing lil catholic school fag..im a informer of the dumb and un educated white boys who think they know something....i spit the truth and u white mf speak emotion...i know more of ur history than u young fags do...i also know my history was purposely hidden ,but i found it fools..we as black has given more to this country than any other race...check ur white dumb ass history and read abot elijah mccoy..h.hap brown...bobby seal,fred hampton...trench coat mafia type ass nigg's...i thought white people were a little smarter than this...
Yung Screw 817's picture


white ppl have history, but not culture. ------MoSt-HaTeD->
chop76's picture

You're all over this site

You're all over this site makin yourself look like a total dumb ass, I dont even have to say anything about, all I have to do is let people read for there self.
Yung Screw 817's picture


tell me whats the whiteman's culture chop cuz i dont know? african ppl were the founders of the world, then came indian & spanish. then thousands of yrs later your punk azz race crawled out the igloos lookin around thinking ya were so smart cuz ya made a few discoveries of shit other ppl knew thousands of yrs before... you know what your culture is?? the medievil times. all that king arthur shit. murderes like napolion & hitler thats all ya. buncha white devilish shit.------MoSt-HaTeD->
chop76's picture

You know what the funnest

You know what the funnest thing about all this to me, your talking bout africans now, have you ever seen a REAL African person?? Look it up on your computer there, anywhere in Africa will do to prove my point. You want "white culture"?? How bout why you dont look like that African, the fact that you have about as much white in you as I do. So you're really hating yourself, well half of your self. Im 50% Italian, everybodys mixed with something, you would have to leave America to find "pure breeds"(or an Immirgrant). So you want some white culture???? Go look in the mirror and be happy you wasnt born in Angola.
Yung Screw 817's picture

fuck what u talkin bout

we might b mixed now but AFRICANS "BLACKS" are still the founders of the world. so if your cracker race have any type of culture is tnx to us. ------MoSt-HaTeD->
black_breeze's picture




lol..dude ur on the passenger side in a kis sportage..this isht is comical..i have to hurry up and delete my profile ..im wasteing time with u losers ..i would be more productive if i jus strached my balls then i am entertaining u fags...thug and any thing dealing with being real..or adult like shouldn't not come out ur mouth...u funny tho..i had to say something else to u after i saw that isht..lil white cartoon character change that b.s...and never say anything again...u luke warm boy ..all fucked up!!

i had to do it again ...because this isht is childish funny!!

lol..dude ur on the passenger side in a kia sportage..this isht is comical..i have to hurry up and delete my profile ..im wasteing time with u losers ..i would be more productive if i jus strached my balls then i am entertaining u fags...thug and any thing dealing with being real..or adult like shouldn't not come out ur mouth...u funny tho..i had to say something else to u after i saw that isht..lil white cartoon character change that b.s...and never say anything again...u luke warm boy ..all fucked up!!really dude u gave me a good laugh even looking at this hours latter im tickled...lol
Yung Screw 817's picture

ayo ghost,

who the fuck are you talkin to mane?? ------MoSt-HaTeD->

the lil dude about 5 post

the lil dude about 5 post up...on the passenger side of a clothe seated kia sportage ..
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He is just mad cause he ain't from the hood. I used to fuck with him but now I just don't know about that ignorant ass motherfucker
d0p3b0y's picture

do need more dvds on here,

do need more dvds on here, and kanye lol atleast he appologized.. nigga was drunk, but either way that shit wasnt necessary
killab318's picture


mayne i'm glad he said that shit because i was thinking the same thing. he just said it. there is no way Taylor Swift beat B. GOOD JOB for tha WIN
Yung Screw 817's picture


FUCC KANYE! WTF is wrong with that fool cock bloccin Swift like that??? I dont know or listen to her muzik, but that homo pulled a bitch move! FUCKING GEEK NIGGUH! grow your afro back Mr. West cuz that Cucci Mane hair due make you look mad HOMO!! ------MoSt-HaTeD->


Can't stand this but.. I'm going to have to agree with screw, 100% who the fuck is kayne west to come out and start some shit when Taylor swift (Who I would SMASH!) when she is winning her award!?! Kayne spells nothing but cocksucker, I can't STAND niggas who are on kanye's dick!, learn to appreciate REAL hip-hop.
true_hustlin's picture


first... b. did loose loose to Taylor Swift. period. so there is a way,... that way. maybe you are not happy about it, probably because you didn't vote... i have never done it but i believe you can vote for them on mtv's website for about a month or 2 before the awards... and like many things public opinion, not mine, not yours wins... shit i didn't think there was a way that all you idiots would elect george bush again but guess what ya did. it happened... i have never even heard a taylor swift song that i know of, and i don't care too i don't really like beyonce's music either, but "Mr. West"..lol. should have listened to the jay-z, "you can go to school, but ya can't buy class"... and this idiot has none. there is a time and place for everything and Kayne doesn't understand that at all. i think that george bush doesn't like black people but i can guarantee you that when Kayne said that shit it cost the people of katrina money, because some people won't give to an organization when the face of it says something stupid... you don't think taylor swift deserved the award go online after and blog about it or give an interview and say it... now all he can say is sorry and his point is lost, not to mention i am sure he didn't vote either... do you know how mtv does marketing research, they interview 10-12 year olds and see what they like, no joke, go look it up, that way by the time they are 13 mtv has got them, mtv could care less if you still watch after you turn 18 because you have to spend your own money by then, not your parents. beyonce makes music for bitches looking to get a ring on there finger and shit not quite 12 year old material, hence not a winner for the mtv crowd.
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look regardless of what he did to taylor, everyone knows kanye is an arrogant fuck, BUT the dude is a legendary artist, and before you come charging me up hard on the internet contradicting me, look at his music and not his personality. You could say that im dick riding kanye hard, sure, whatever but point is dude is a genius with his production and rappin ability