K. Sparks - Manic Mondays (Mixed By Mixtape Assassin)

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"Man...time flies like crazy and it's been four months already...every 17 songs
we will release a Manic Mondays Mixtape...here is Volume 1 complete with all of
the songs from the past 17 weeks (including this weeks song G.A.M.E) mixed by
Mixtape Assassin...my goal for the up coming 8 months is to continue raising the
bar even further...this isn't a mixtape because this is really an album...thank
you to every Web Site, Blog, DJ, Street Team Member, Fan, Magazine, Radio Show,
and Hater (cuz my name stay in your mouth which gives me free promotion) and
everyone that continues to support Manic Mondays...Nuff respect"

01 Dictionary (Produced By Glish Productions)
02 Needs Vs Wants (Produced By D Roo
03 Definition (Produced By Pajozo)
04 Never Feat Tina Quallo (Produced By Fero Navi)
05 Hip Hop President (Produced By Kurser)
06 Rewind Feat Angelous (Produced By Kurser)
07 Nostalgic (Produced By Moe Productions)
08 Hip Hop (Produced By Moe Productions)
09 Spittaz (Produced By Moe Productions)
10 Movin On Feat Tina Quallo (Produced By Kurser)
11 Young Malcolm (Produced By T-Mos)
12 Visual Sound (Produced By T-Mos)
13 Back Down Feat Dave Barz (Produced By Kurser)
14 Hard Lemonade (Produced By Mark Henry)
15 Rain (Produced By Kurser)
16 Spittaz Ii Feat Marzburg, Angelous, And Nova (Produced By T-Mos)
17 G.A.M.E (Produced By Kurser)

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This is the same tracklist as Queens to Germany but if u ddnt cop it the 1st time around, i mos def recommend it. he's on the come up, watch him. -Yung TRiXX-

Ok I watch and you watch

Ok I watch and you watch this
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K. Sparks - Manic Mondays (Mixed By Mixtape Assassin) GOOD Mixtape


k. sparks - i dig your style, shit is stupid dope fresh, beats are ill, cant wait ta see whats next, stay grindin' you on to somethin, peace