Lil Wayne - Prison Break



1. Light Up
2. No Love
3. Runnin
4. Knockout
5. Tattoo Girl
6. Yeah Feat T.I.
7. Miss Me Feat Drake
8. Everything Red
9. Fresh I Stay
10. Back To The Money
11. I'm Single
12. Pussy Niggaz
13. My Generation
14. Currency
15. Small Thing To A Giant
16. I Don't Like The Look
17. In The City
18. Loyalty
19. Weezy F Baby
20. Do It Again

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Badass cover...I am

Badass cover...I am downloading this shit...Prob old but if any I ain't heard...Ima keep for sure
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i thought lil wayne shaved his head, but i could be wrong.
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.. Dunno why he would shave his head but that nigga already ugly, then again thats more skin to put Tattoo's on so who knows...
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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Wayne get sidework being

Wayne get sidework being Whoopi G's stuntman. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

they shave your head when

they shave your head when you go to the chain gang
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they usually shave your head, but wayne being a celebrity...sum rules don't apply, the prison allowed him to keep his dreads, as long as he kept them neat they said...if he wasn't lil wayne he would be looking like beetlejuice from howard stern right now lol...but if you are a Rastafarian, they do not require you to cut your dreads, and they undergo serious investigation to see if your affiliation is legitimate. [I'm me...only me, and I'm not tryna be like anyone else]
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That nigga got tha sissy's

That nigga got tha sissy's fixin up his who0pi dreads for em. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout


cover is dumb too.
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If u aint got these yet, kill ya self! **We da West!**
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Damn Texas Teachers beatin ya'll kidz ASS!

Da Fuck wrong with Texas Teachers? they beatin the fuck outta ya'll kids out there in Houston lol I mean the kid was bad but daaaaayyyuuum bitch was man handlin that lil runt... She down bad....Couldn't've been non'of mine, Police aint have to worry about the teacher.. they woulda had to call the Swat, FBI, CIA, Secret service to pull me off that teacher and raise mother terresa, the Popes, MLK, Moses and every other spiritual leader to keep me from raisin hell.
I know it's a female but i woulda blacked out over my kids, sorry no one or nothing is over my chirrinz
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *

that shit is like a month old

but yeah someone put they hands on my seed and is 187 on a teacher all day!
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I just got it because they finally charged the teachers and the video got popular again lol.. i think it happened in early may.
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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shit we used to get beat at my old school...

when we used to act like fools in the hallways our dean/ head football coach used to come out of his office with a club...or if you got in trouble you had the option of being either suspended or hit with the paddle...since niggas were more afraid of what they momma's would do they would take the paddle instead...this is an average day at my high school tho... ... or ...don't hate niggas was hella young back then actin a fool... ... Real Shit I miss those days..high school were the best times...LEO![I'm me...only me, and I'm not tryna be like anyone else]
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nigga yo azz late with this

nigga yo azz late with this shit and that big ass boy was probably doing something to deserve it. we wasnt there and we only saw the footage they wanted you to see. that bitch was set up plain as day so that fat white bitch could cash a check. dont be so gullable
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she hit him cuz he tried to

she hit him cuz he tried to fight a girl


I dontcare what he did. A teacher should'nt do that shit. I would str8 kill that bitch even if my son deserved that shit!!
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Whoopin azz aint the teachers job, they job is to teach and their disciplinary action is to punish humanely, leave the ass whoopin to me (the parent), it's up to me to get inhumane on that ass, i be damned if anotha bitch man-handle my kidz, thank god i tell my kid to beat whoever ass lay a hand on you, and if they bigger than you, pick up something and beat the shit outta them, if they gone hit you anyway give them a reason to whoop yo ass and give them a hard time doing it lol..
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *

trill talk right there

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yeah she was way too big to

yeah she was way too big to be fightin a damn child either way
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It was on da source dat they let him keep his dread locks...I think he lied of its his religion type shit or he is fuckin famous
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They should have more

They should have more atrwork like this on his mixtape.

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