We Got It For Cheap 3 (Hosted By Drama) & New Orleans Nightmare 9 (Chopped & Screwed) Added

Instead of creating new pages for the following mixtapes we added them to the current pages.

New Orleans Nightmare 9, now chopped & screwed, has been added.

The official version of We Got It For Cheap 3 (hosted by DJ Drama) has also been added. The previous version we had was not hosted by Drama.

Download them below:




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we got it 4 cheap is hot

we got it 4 cheap is hot real shit

Drama is stepping up this is a classic especially now coolthanks

Yo Drama Hositng clipse official son from the cell to this keep it up Im proud of the boy

Thanks for screwing up New Orleans Nightmare Pt 9

Yeah Im ODwn south in H town and im so fucking greatful for someone taking the time to screw up lil weezy and put it giga bit by bit to em thnaks dog mad fucking propz keep it screw po up fo life rip pimp C free jay - Y Free courtney C and Fuck Ura Lara Your a liar Ura Lara and fuck all the haters yall know who yall are one

No Prob

No Prob