Unsigned Artist? How do Yall go bout Bookin Shows and Gettin on the Radio? Dis LYNCHMOBB THUGSTAS(LMT)

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Yo wat it is My people this Lynch Mobb Thugstas to L=Loyal Y=Young Noble C=Concern H=Humbele...Check out the Page to see wat we Bout myspace.com/lynchmobbthugstas. About the Topic we from South Carolina shits real Slow out here we got niggas claimin local fame or wateva just cause they Made a Dumb Ass dance song and got it on the Air. We go out here try networkin or people come to us.. we even sign a contract within the first 4 months of us recordin as A duo but it always end in BullShit feel me.Do yall know wats the best way to go but Gettin air play like wats the Basics of doin that shit cuz I feel if we get on air first than it will be easier to get at djs and people in the streets let me know wat yall do.The ones dat is gettin shit done on these streets.