DJ Fatal & Outlawz - Retribution: The Lost Album Ten Years Later

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01. Intro 01:16
02. Komatose 04:24
03. Thug Nation 03:44
04. Soulja's Story Part 2 03:56
05. What Goes Around, Comes Around 05:04
06. ft. Val Young - Retribution 04:07
07. Still Mournin' 04:16
08. ft. Prince Ital Joe & Bad Azz 04:48
- Bless My Soul
09. Novakane 03:58
10. Under Pressure Part 2 05:24
11. ft. Wack Duece - Pass The Heat 04:05
12. Angel 04:58
13. Hold On 04:11
14. Stay Awake 05:34
15. Family Pictures 04:10
16. In God's Eyes 05:09
17. ft. Wack Duece - The Hunger 04:16
18. Mr. Makaveli 03:51
19. Outro 01:03

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When u listen to this damn u can hear Tupacs flow all over again. Outlaws need to come back up start somethin new cus their flow nice tho not to many listen to ole skool shit nomore mad nice Underground shit listen

Why would you change perfection?

2Pac and the outlawz are the face of gangsta rap. It is their style that put them there and changing that would be a selling out as well as the end of their career. I know these "New Jacks" are all about bringing something new to the table however if its not broken, and in this case it is perfected, do not fix it! Highlife


This group has a gang of music out,The Outlawz deserve all the success they have been recieving,a true hardcore hip hop group.Also check out RIDE WIT US OR COLLIDE WIT US,NOVAKANE,NEVA SURRENDER,AGAINST ALL ODDS and many more.