Predict How Many Albums Game Will Sell With His Upcoming Summer Release Of "The Doctors Advocate"

58% (1971 votes)
PLATINUM (1 Million+)
25% (834 votes)
GOLD (500,000+)
10% (340 votes)
Less Than 500,000
7% (240 votes)
Total votes: 3385

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hes def goin mutli no lie there... hes sikk wit his lyrics and his flows niice
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dorset state of mind yea tha

dorset state of mind yea tha niggas gonna go mutiplatinum but only bcos da dr is gonna b workin on his shit an bcos of the hype surroundin him an his beef wid g-unit.but he ain gonna get my money thou that nigga a faget an he is gonna fall off pretty soon a give the nigga a year the most
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All Ya Niggaz Gay Sayin Fuck

All Ya Niggaz Gay Sayin Fuck 50, and Fuck Game!!!!

Da Beef is fake young buck said it his self listen to all da disses 50 put out aiming at game, he laughing on dem shits cuz he havin fun cuz he know its fake...If it was real Game would of been be in Ja's postion Right Now...Fuck i dont give a fuck 50singing its just entertainment to my ears, so who da fuck give a damn! So all ya niggaz need a life all ya niggas fake real niggaz dont post shit like diz on da net, they out there gettin pussy and smokin dat good shit so get off 50's dick and get a damn hobbie!!!!!

Fuck Game

LIL Easy E, Snoop, Ice Cube And Da New Comerz Gonna Take Over Da Industry

reply to All Ya Niggaz Gay Sayin Fuck

"Da Beef is fake young buck said it his self listen to all da disses 50 put out aiming at game, he laughing on dem shits cuz he havin fun cuz he know its fake...If it was real Game would of been be in Ja's postion Right Now" This Florida Nigga is right u know, Da beef is probarly fake, if it was real Game wud be in Ja's position, getting busted by the Feds and ending up on Money laundering charges along with the rest of murder INC, and ofcourse 50 would be summend to the stands to testify. I just dont get it, why does everyone call 50 Cent a snitch?? Does he actively snitch on people? Its not like he made a rap song (Ghetto Quran) where he pointed fingers at people who the main dealers in his hood, Ofcourse he didnt.

calm down

you need to calm down. something tells me you own GRODT. which was made after ghetto quran. if you do own GRODT what made you buy it? cause if he's a snitch now he was a snitch then. and you may have your own opinion but rapping and naming names about exp. in your life isn't being a snitch. it isn't like he took that shit to the cops. i'm not to fond of 50 but he didn't he tell the cops who shot him. the guy was found dead. it's cool if you don't like 50 in fact hate him if you want but i'm getting tired of hearing a million sides to one story.

dumb fuck

''....So all ya niggaz need a life all ya niggas fake real niggaz dont post shit like diz on da net, they out there gettin pussy and smokin dat good shit so get off 50's dick and get a damn hobbie!!!!!...'' notice how it sez real niggaz dont post shit like diz on da net dey owt gettin pussy n what not, then why the FUCK r u writin dis shit on here if ur such a REAAlll G ,who knows so much boout REAL niggaz. + obviousley u giv a damn or u wudnt be writin comments bout it Fuck U

U's a Lame

Naw Fuck U......Hoe ass ....yo pockets probaly touching. and i know who u get it

Multi-platinum, he's got the

Multi-platinum, he's got the TRL crowd on lock.


the trl crowd?
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C3K wrote:
Multi-platinum, he's got the TRL crowd on lock.

haha ya trl is exactly where game belongs....wait how many times has 50 been on that shit?

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Game is gonna get gold at best im thinking. G-unit is gonna do thier best to tear his street cred to shreds, and by the time his album drops (6/6/06) most paying listeners wont be interested in anything that Game has to say.

u sick

50 cent ain't got shit on game the only thing is he came out before game and that is it fuck all that singing and shit. Man up nigga and stop riddin his 50 dick. 50 shit was good when he first started but that fame went to his head now that shit is getting wacker and wacker should have stuck wit his original g-unit click cause them other motherfucker can't rap and that bitch know she can't sing.
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Oh its like that?

i just gave my neutral opinion on how game's shit would sell and u gonna talk down to me? now i gotta embarass you. first of all 50 is better than game. THATS RIGHT I SAID IT! fif destroyed game on that not rich still lyin joint effortlessly. just imagine if fif actually applied himself in this beef. if fif actually cared about this shit he woulda destroyed game months ago. second since when can mobb deep and mop not rap? u buggin kid! u need to get off Games dick and stop suckin BLACK BALLS!


how da fuck is fidi better he cant evan talk properly i erd im in an interveiw and i couldnt understand the game i sikkkk no1 is as gd he is gono b the next 2-pac n everyone knows dat so fuck fiddy and the rest ov his bumchums

sorry had to interrupt

the next tupac? are u out of your [delete expletive] mind? Game got nuthin on pac and never will, he got some sick bars, and half of those bars may be "fake thug, this is what i heard about the streets" stuff if his brother is tellin the truth. but his music will never get the attention of any large crowds outside of his commercial singles for the radio, like pac did and still does. He may go platinum or more because hype and he is a pretty good rapper, but when has anyone sold platinum plus just based on their skills as a rapper? controversy sells and will sell the game. As far as 50 not bein able to talk, he cant slurrs too much, and game an't spell, ni**a shoulda went to school instead of the strip club. "it's not scott scorch you dumb mf'er its storch. S...t..orch mf'er LOL! 50's got whack rhymes mostly but he knows how to sell, games mostly whack for other reasons.
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Game will Neva be the Next Pac

Ummmm... Game will neva ever be or come close to Pac'. Pac is the greatest, he is real, no "change of heart" shit like Game. Have a look at Rap Insider. You will see the truth. Pac is the shit n will always be da shit. even comparing Pac with Game is an insult to Pac n all his people reppin wit him. Game is a fake. One minute he like "50 is the shit", n next minute he dissin him, cos he jealous. Game always disses, it goes on a mixtape, he then gets that cake n publicity, n den apologises to the person he dissed to make a mense. How many times he wanna do dat??? That aint gangsta. No matter where u livin, u no this aint right. Im in Melbourne, Australia... n all da people can see here that Game aint real. Just cos he from the West Coast dun mean shit. yer he may have a few good beats. But aint the West Coast always got the beats? He just lucky he can claim he from der. Witout dat under him, he might as well be the host of " change of heart"....


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maybe gold

most of his fans will bootleg his joint

game sik and all but he wont

game sik and all but he wont go multi plat cause of mothafuckas like us who jus download it 4 free

Yea but you could say that

Yea but you could say that bout any rapper

u can but i didnt

u can but i didnt

seriously, anything DR DRE

seriously, anything DR DRE is involved in will go multi.... DRE would'nt even waste his time if he did'nt think it would!!! does anyone know featured artists??? cause that'll be a big part in sales...
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i'll bet charli baltimore is gonna be on some tracks, and snoop. Maybe Jamie Foxx and some westcoast newcomers. It'll be big


His Lyrics are solid, He has mad skill. If he can find 6 or so good beats he cant go wrong. Despite all the beef and BS you cant sell him short. He got what it takes.

I don`t think he has what it

I don`t think he has what it takes to make multi plat... Albeit,some of his shit is bumpin,I know where I will get my copy... I do pay for some of my shit believe it or not.I just refuse to pay for 3 joints when I was supposed to get a quarter...

u know

If tha DR. is behind him know one can stop AfterMath.


If the album can top some tracks on the latest mixtapes he's got out, solid production like the last album, the shit's going to sell like crack. His flow as evolved and the kid can spit. Hyped to see the feats. on the album

max gold.

his lyrics are garbage, skills average. fuck 50, but he will still sell more records than gayme. g-unot, wack wall street! fuck 'em both! it's dirty south, fools.

u forgot to mention how much

u forgot to mention how much game name dropped and still does, cant spit a bar w/o it lol, and 50 can't get enough of hearin himself sing lol.

man i used to buy all game's

man i used to buy all game's mixtapes and shit and to be honest with you his style's pretty generic. he's really not that lyrical either and his flow ain't shit besides his voice. but same with 50 cent, haha. nah serious tho, cassidy got shit on lock balieve dat.
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fuck fif

Fuck g-unit man, them hoe-niggas got no street cred in NY, the hottest shit of eastside these days is Saigon, Mobb Deep used to have a lot of luv with their Murda Muzik so i dont understand why they signed with fif. Anyways Game aint the only shit in the west, man theres Young Hootie, lil eazy and all that shit. its crazy. The West Is FUCKIN' Back, better recognize

Lmao be lucky if he getz 50000

That NiGga is gettin RAPED by g-Unit... fuckin stripper nigga wita thong ring lmao
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nah dawg

lol suck a dick fuckin 50 dick ryder, calling yourself yayo hahahah
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Goin' multi-platinum for shoe! Dre got the recipe. But Mobb Deep's Blood Money is more anticipated. You can't fail when you got Dre behind you

multi-plat fo sho

anyone thats gonna post some shit brianed comment stating that Game wont go multi-plat is a giant fucking douche bag. I personally dont care for the game or 50, but still possess the intellignece to realize that even tho i dont like the guy, hes a multi-million dollar celebrity who (thanks to the epidimic we call MTV) is going to go multi-plat on his next album whether any of you degenerates like it or not :-)

e will do well

i mean come on. the g-unit and d-block beef was gd to listen to and the g-unit and murda. inc beef was good to listen to but then game had to have everything his way. so he left. 50 cent and g-unit will whoop n e 1 u send in there way. so derz my opinion. even tho i am wiv g-unit i still fink e will do well. jus dont forget da west.!.!.!.!.!.!. BrAp!!!!!

Multi-Platinum for a long while

The Game is one of the best rappers coming into this decade. Many artist do not have his kind of street cred or his lyrical ability. What does 5-0 mean he has no beef with Game? If you can remember 300 Shots or Not rich Still lyin tell me about them because I can't. Curtis Jackson only has a hit track when he is singing a pop song. The Game plain and simple keeps it 100% street even if he's featured on an R&B song. 5-0 is now taking shots because he knows game is going to go muti-platinum (Again) and to give the crowds of his below average artist material for promotion and his endess supply of G-Unit Radio mixtapes that suck more with each new one. The G-Unot General has over flooded the market with his shit. Curtis if you haven't heard before Hurricane ended his beef with you a few months ago. So stop bitchin and go sing to the wiggaz in the suberbs. I'm Sorry Miss Jackson even though you are my favorite singer I will still bootleg your shit if you don't sue me first. GGGGGGGG-Unot P.S. Spider Loc What is a G-Unit Crip?

wow neva heard so much

wow neva heard so much hateration in one post lol, you are dick ridin seriously, game's sick to a point, then he falls flat. he may be a fake thug based on what his brother says (i read the interview). His shoes suck. He has a butterfly tatoo? He looks like one of the devil's inbred children. He wants so bad to have 50's success. He a beyatch, b/c he tries too hard to be thug. He aint shit w/o his homeboys lol. 50 sings too much and cant talk right. He's an asshole. He will get killed by any artist who beefs wit him. He really does look like a gorilla. His rhyme skills have fallen off. His water taste awful. I saw his clothes in aj wright. His shoes are the equivalent of fubu or phat farm ones. His whole camp are bums. He can't survive w/o the rest of g-unit. Now I may not believe everything that i just wrote, but i thought i would help you out and and hate more than you LOL. shits ridiculous. enjoy ya day son hahaha.

Quick comment

It is funny how many nigg's cant spell in here damn!!! Anyway my comments is this did anyone notice that on Game first album every song he was talking about N.W.A, Tupac, Biggie, Jam Master Jay, Easy E, Jay etc.. I mean he even says I studied the classics sounds like he listened and copied a whole bunch of styles... Now I like game the boy knows how to lay it down in the booth and he has creating an image(wether its true is not the point) with Dre behind him and the whole beef thing plus like ya said TRL and all that he will have sucess, but to have the nerve to call this nigga the next Pac was way out of line, I mean damn that shit is crazy. As far as 50 goes ya have to understand that he always was about having people hating on him. The illest shit is I been listening to 50 since like what 96 word he really killed me when after always calling Ja a singer he just stold his whole sytle lol that is some ill shit. Anyway just giving a comment do not get crazy. And I am from the Land of the Best Rappers Brooklyn dont ever get it twisted!!



the game! HA wot a joke!

Listen, on Hate it or Love it game disses Murda Inc. and sticks up 4 G-Unit but then wen 50 cent iz doing betta dan im e az a strop and changes sides. I dno bout u'z but dat jus means he iz a punk. And den e releases a version called Hate It Or Love It (G-Unot Remix). All ov u'z can fink e will do well but wot im sayin iz true and all u game fanz gna make sum shitty excuse cz u cant face da facts!!!!! BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

thiz iz stupid

i mean when u people put a forum out on How Many Albums Game Will Sell With His Upcoming Summer Release Of "The Doctors Advocate" its just stupid. ya'll niggaz thats dont like tha game. your doin exactly what he wants. to always talk bout him and hate on him. tha more u talk bout him in here tha more anticipation will be 4 hiz next cd. just dont say nuthin and will c what happens. P.S. oh yea FUCK DA GAYME


Rapper4Lyfe, i never respond or post on this site but after reading your last post here i felt it necessary. i dont understand how you can be knowledgeable enough to use a computer yet type shit like this..."All ov u'z can fink e will do well but wot im sayin iz true" come the fuck on, fink? i understand it is for think but the message you typed as a whole makes me think you are mentally challenged and if thats the case than i apologize. i hope for your sake you dont talk like that in person. now i understand many people type slang and shit on here which is cool but you took it to a far extreme almost to an incomprehensible point. ill buy games shit when it drops if hes got weezy on a track. young money.



but not westcoast artists

he aint gettin no love from tha rappers out their Lil easy iz beefin wit him Guerlla Black Suge Knight tha list goes on
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Westcoast is all he needs

The Game doesnt need any support from any other rappers. Lil Eazy is just beefin because 50 made him do it. 50 writes his lyrics. Game has alot of back up against Gay-Unit. Westcoast doesnt want to have Gay-Unit representing the west. So f**k Gay-Unit West. Game just needs support from the fans and so far he's getting it. The Game all the way. GGGGGG-Unot.


Im not a game fan but im pretty sure he will go plat or higher and by the way you dumbass Yayo if game aint going higher than 500,000 im starting to listening to 50 albums
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nt as much as the documentry

he wnt sell as much as his last album...he's had too much beef..but im willing to bet tht jst before he brings his new album out he starts beefin wiv another hip-hop hevyweight...whos it gunna be next...DRE ?

Why The Game will win

First, there are many people in here who are talking in straight up niggerish. Have some self respect you fools, the english language wasn't created so people like you can talk your jibberish. There are multiple reasons why The Game will succeed, reguardless of whether or not you think he is a good rapper. 1) Dre is producing the album. 2) And, you can bet your marose ass there will be the biggest names in the music business on the album. Think about it, artist like Kanye, Jamie Foxx, Charlie Baltimore, and many of the West's best are lining up just to get a piece of the album. 3) CONTROVERSEY SELLS: Everyone recalls the east/WEST beef that fueled record breaking rap album sales among Pac and Biggie. Think of the Game/50 Beefs sort of as a reincarnation of that (though not quite the same scale). 4) No matter how many diss mixtapes get released from either side, both The Game and 50 will still sell shitloads of albums (neither will be reduced to a Ja Rule)...the mainstream folks will always make sure to pick up that shit. You can bet that Little white boy johnny (and all the yuppies everyhere) will be riding in his parent-bought range rover and guaranteed will be bumping the new shit, such as The Game's new album. Enough said, The Game will go Multi-platinum for sure given there there are enough reasons for pretty much just about anyone to pick up the album when it comes out.

All eyes on Game

The games album will go multi-plat, with Dre's assistance. I don’t understand why there is so many people hating on the game, probaly has something to do with the fact he don’t wana BEEF no more. However this album may well cause controversy within Interscope, AGAIN! As 50 doesn’t like to play fair why it comes to labels, record deals, money... Not to mention Game N 50's long history and the brake up that almost divided the east and west coast. With 50 cents new assault on the Game with G-Unit radio part 21 there is a 98% chance the Game will respond. BEEF: Game vs. 50 part 2...3…4…? I'm keeping my eye on Two Five Cent; he will get signed eventually but that fact that he doesn’t want anything to do with his cousin (apparently). I wonder who will sign him? Interscope? Also remember that when that Game was a member of G-unit there records sold more than ever before and when he left he was making more paper than every one except 50. At the end of the day controversy sells, game sells, 50 sells, Game and 50 get paid, Blackwallstreet and G-unit get paid, Eminem gets paid off 50 and Dre gets paid off everyone!!!