The Game Ft. Busta Rhymes - The Doctors Advocate

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hot shit, cant wait for the album

hot song

its a hot song but why does game sound like hes crying..

cuz fake azz doja is

cuz fake azz doja is drunk... this homo is fake and facts are-

hes a stripper/butterfly tat tryin to cover it up/dr.advocate with no dr.dre/was on change of heart, there is many more.... STRAIGHT FAKE.

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Fuck you bitch

Damm you sure are a stupid bitch this track is HOT.
It's still Aftermath and there Aint nothing After That


Game puts out hot songs... don't miss out on DA, I don't like his personality he talks way too much shit but he puts out hot songs... when they aint a diss its usually pretty hot.

same thing as start from scratch

this is the equivalent of start from scratch, they did it while they were high or drunk lol but its still straght crack


i am from the UK . manchester.
i think this is a f**kin sikk tune mann!!
this is from the heartt!!!

Doctors Advocate

this some deep shit from game the deepest of all the songs he been puttiin out Hot!


sick song

Fire/No more simping

This song is hot he got clever with it but im not a fan of simping to another nigga so on that note get on your own like your doing and keep bitch niggaz thats not on your team out your mouth...

50 Diss

great track but is it me or is at 50 cent diss by busta when he says

"our only problem was the little nigga wouln' listen"

is he talkin bout Game or 50???


The whole song is pretty much about how Game cryin to Dre about how he betrayed him or some shit so you can figure it out yourself...

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jamieachilles99 wrote:
great track but is it me or is at 50 cent diss by busta when he says

"our only problem was the little nigga wouln' listen"

is he talkin bout Game or 50???

he telkin to Dre and tellin him that Game wouldnt listen... every time dre told him to ignore 50 and move

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This is fire but I'm scared about the new Game album cos I don't think its gonna hit platinum...everything i've heard so far, even his singles...are all real hip hop (and thats why they are fire) but he doesn't have any crossover stuff, something the radio's can play for the masses or any real club bangers - "Let's Ride" was waaay too much west coast and it's the same with "Ol English". He aint gonna go platinum unless he's hiding his own kind of candy shop, just a lil bit or some rnb bitch song (marsha doesnt count) in the unreleased shit so just gotta wait n pray. What I've heard is hot, but real hip hop never gets you a platinum album cos the industry is fucked up.
That bein said - if anyone thinks they know a song by Game that is like the one i'm looking for let us know! BWS

yeaah but he can still get

yeaah but he can still get plat why not ?? it doesnt have to be a club banger mary j dit it and many more i will still listen to the shit

the whole album leaked and

the whole album leaked and there aint nothin like that but some dickryder of game told me that there's gunna be 5 new songs and 3 songs taken away from the leaked but i think that's bullshit anyway just pray that he goes plat... if he goes multi plat again then he can say that he brought the west back..

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game will definantely go plat

more ppl download shit off the comp then listen to the radio or watch much music. game dropped to vids so far that get air play, one blood and lets ride and they're hot as fuck. most ppl who bought the documentary will cop the DA if they aint dickridin 50... true fans know hip hop from r n b.