The Game - One Blood

First single off Doctors Advocate

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It's cool but he was better

It's cool but he was better wid 50 this aint a commerical track his tracks wid 50 were... but i guess its alrite...

Mahfuck, is this the nigga

Mahfuck, is this the nigga reppin the West now? Shit cuz, so much hype on this shit niggaz sayin it's goin to be classic like Westside Story & shit. The beat is annoying (Just got bass boppin with some dumb bitch sangin One blood over and over and over) I aint no hater, but so much for this shit... Might as well have hyped somthin like Backstage Pass (off Blood Money, the album was aight but Backstage Pass or whateva was so fuckin wack) I mean, the bars is average, the beat sucks (Game said he produced it so didnt expect nuttin fly) and he didnt even put in a hook. If "One Blood" repeated 15x is the hook then that nigga cant even write some simple shit like Fat Joe. Expected soooo much more.

though i liked it ..

though i liked it ..

you obviously know fuck all

you obviously know fuck all this is a fucking classic sample, and its not a fucking women u mug never listen to Wutang? pfffff

you talkin to me dawg? or i

you talkin to me dawg? or i misread ya ?

Yea one blood is a classic

I dunno how Game could sample this track and ruin any bit of classic it had in it. This shit is whack.


I love how you spelled wack with the H. hilarious

that is how you spell it,

that is how you spell it, dumb cunt.


wack = crazy. whack = what you do every friday night. say word


Hilarious how you don't know how to spell son.

This shit ain't that

This shit ain't that good....

for those who dont know game

for those who dont know game produced this himself.... Not too bad considering


Its not totally bad, but he still hasn't proven that he can do it without Fif. Fif wrote the hook for Westside Story, How We Do, Hate It Or Love It and Higher, Game's biggest singles or the songs that gave him that initial buzz. He needs to cut this bullshit and do a hook himself and prove to everyone he doesn't need 50. I wasn't a big Game fan before but even I'm kind of hoping he can come up with some shit himself. The beat..not a fan, just the same bumping drums and some hi-hats done repeatedly. Its a simple concept for a simple producer, Game..if your going to produce don't produce your first single, even Em had to wait three singles to come out with some self produced shit.

You're not paying attention

He already proved he can write good songs without 50 Cent - download Ghost Unit or Stop Snitchin' Stop Lyin' from this site and see for yourself. I'm not a hardcore Game fan, I thought 50's reply "Not rich still lyin'" was HILARIOUS but Game has put out some solid mixtapes and I think his work with Dre on his new album due out in November will be even better. Game's whole career rests on whether or not he can emerge from being under 50's shadow and that's what's at stake with every mixtape, song, and album he puts out for the next year or so. Also, Face of LA was a hot song.

I paid attention

I agree that his mixtape shit was hot, but for the most part, commercially he wouldn't survive with those tracks, of course because their mixtape songs. He can write hard 'gangsta' rap songs that I admit, stir up the blood a bit. But thats what his given us with this song, and though its a street song, he needs to try and add more shine so it can be applied to radio. But another thing has come to mind just now, I think that if Game's next album is as hard and contains the griminess of his mixtapes the MAYBE he can sell a lot. Lets hope Game won't attempt to make 'hip-pop' tracks that don't sound comfortable for him, but maybe try a differant approach to selling this cds and single selections. I have a feeling a song like 'Walkin In The Rain' or 'U Ain't Crazy' would make commercial hits if he would take off those half-ass West Coast rappers and put himself more on the tracks. Plus he needs to drop Cyserro, the dude is about as good as any mixtape rapper. And I don't mean like the rappers who drop mixtapes, I mean the dudes who are at the end of mixtapes and paid the DJ $10,000 to appear on his mixtape. 'Nuff said.

Survival is easy, success is hard

You raise a valid point - whether Game can be "commercially viable." But I'm almost 100% sure he will "survive" commercially (as you put it), the question is will he thrive and be successful. I doubt that he'll ever sell as many records as 50 Cent, but the overwhelming majority of people who bought his shit were suburban white kids, male and female. Game is more lyrical and so far I haven't seen him taking his shirt off for the ladies, so that right there will cut down his commercial appeal to people who aren't as into sex appeal and a simple but catchy tune without too much lyrical content. And yes he needs to cut the bum rappers from his album. You've got to keep in mind the fact that DRE is working on his shit, he has a direct financial interest in making sure the album sells well. And, a lot of people will pay attention to Game and buy his shit because of the beef with 50, and a lot of people hate on 50 for reasons legit and otherwise. So I think he'll definitely go platinum, but the question is how many times platinum and how fast. I wish him the best of luck because I think he's a better artist than 50, but that's just my own personal opinion.
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Didnt gayme take his shirt off in hate it or love it with that little boy...

I gotta agree

I gotta agree with KadillacKen, its easy to write lyrics for a record.. But no one has catchy ass hooks like 50 cent and 50 wrote alot of "The Games" shit....

way better then i thought it would be

wow i gotta say im impressed. i mean, its alright, but i thought for sure it was gonna blow. and yo, the guy singing one blood, dude, it aint no bitch its a junior reid sample, pay some respect. i prefer wheres ur money better than this track though. anyway, a helluva lot better then i expected
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I dont know

If this song had one of 50 style hook, I would be pissed. I'm glad with the way the track turned out.
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man this shyt is hott 2 me

man this shyt is hott 2 me

Another Thing..

The one thing about Game's first album was the classic beats, this already foreshadows things to come. I'm worried that Game's cd won't come with the same heat production-wise as the first, I don't think he can pull a Nas or a Atmosphere and make up the lack of good beats with sick lyrics, because Game is nothing more then a above average rapper. Sorry to burst your bubble but Game is not an 'mcee like Jay Z' his more like a 'rapper like Ludacris'(refering to his XXL interview last summer). Plus how can he go off like that, Luda's new shit is SMASHING lyrically!
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damn finnaly summore game

damn finnaly summore game to bump in my stereo, Can't wait for that docs advicate to hit stores


Fuck the game back in the da u use want to be a insane crip cmon loc Fake ass slob lame track wack wall street this nigga gay he cant even respond to willy who kill him on game diss even nyce got this nigga listing to his track on myspace game diss destroyed this nigga Peace out Game Ova G-G- GUnit

Jesus christ, you know the

Jesus christ, you know the english language has mechanics for a reason, right? At any rate, this shit is good.

oh yeah!!

bring on the D.A.
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Lame Gayme The Name Dropper

Game - Don't be doin no more of this garbage, u be over for sure. You can rap, u just cant write a hook, act, or produce. Its bad enough he said Impala & hydrolics for the 100th time, but this guy is definatly the biggest name dropper in history. Eazy, Dre, Dr, Jay, 50, Nas, Pac, Big, Snoop & Jezzy all in this one song. Gayme you fuckin suck turds


I like Game, but I thought this sucked.


this track wernt tha gud but its aii. Som of yaz say u aint no haterz but u post a comment (more like an essay) on how game is all this n tha. Giv it a rest n hate it or love it man.


Your writing is a disgrace to English Literature, It has to be said there is no correct Spelling for the word 'Wack' or 'Whack' Morons. Why? Because technically, it isn't even a word. It is simply of a term created by Ghetto people with their own definition, lol.

I personally don't like this

I personally don't like this bad boy Except for the the club track. I don't think anything is dope these days now. Most of what's in the industry, has already been accomplished. Thus, I miss 2PAC!:( Long live Hip Hop! Interesting points in here though. To me. I would rather listen to the GAME. And the one blood track. It's a phat beat in my corner of the world! Talent is talent and there is no doubt in that. 50cent maybe a hood where he's likened, but the GAME will always be just as good! Thus, a variety would be good, I would hate for everyone to sound like 50cent.. Keep it up the GAME! Just my 2 cent!:)

Stop snitchin stop lyin

I personally don't like listening to 50cent. He's just another rapper to me! In my corner of the world. I miss 2PAC. And what's been produced now, is short of amazing. Thus, it's all been accomplised in the past. The GAME has it's own talent and individuality. It would totally suck to sound like 50cent! Just being the the GAME, I love it and I love the one blood! Long live Hip Hop! Just my 2cent!:)