Q-Ammo Presents Tha Holy Grail: Words Of Wisdom (2CD)


Disc 1:

01 1.Intro.....mixed by q-ammo
02 2.Tupac- Ready For Whatever...rem
03 3.Tupac ft Lauryn Hill- Ready or
04 4.Tupac- Homeboyz....remixed by q
05 5.Tupac- Who Do You Believe In...
06 6.Tupac ft Akon- 16 On Death Row.
07 7.Tupac ft Big Pun- Enemys With M
08 8.Tupac - Blackcotton...remixed b
09 9.Tupac ft B.T.N.H- Changes...rem
10 10.Tupac- This Life I Lead...remi
11 11.Tupac- When We Ride On Our Ene
12 12.Tupac ft Akon- I Try...remixed
13 13.Tupac- I Wonder If Heaven Got
14 14.Tupac ft Akon,L.A- On My Trail
15 15.Tupac- What Does It Take...rem
16 16.Tupac- Nothin 2 Lose...remixed
17 17.Tupac ft Kurupt,Daz- Don't Go
18 Tupac ft Cashis- Open Fire...remi
19 19.Tupac ft Big Pun- Milatary Min
20 20.Tupac- Thug Luv...remixed by q
21 21.Tupac- Thug Mansion....remixed
22 22.Tupac- Dear Mamma...remixed by
23 23.Tupac- Fuck All Ya'll...remixe

Disc 2:

01 1.Intro...mixed by q-ammo
02 2.Tupac ft Jadakiss- Blaze The Up
03 3.Tupac- Hell 4 A Hustler...remix
04 4.Tupac ft Clipse- Sill Ballin...
05 5.Tupac ft Stat Quo,50 cent- Get
06 6.Tupac ft Lil Mo- Nigga Nature..
07 7.Tupac ft Mary.J.Blige- Do 4 Luv
08 8.Tupac ft Stat Quo- Whats Your P
09 9.Tupac ft Mariah Carey- Thugz Ge
10 10.Tupac ft Snoop Dogg- Wanted De
11 11.Tupac- Let Tham Thangs Go...re
12 12.Tupac- Fake Ass Bitches...remi
13 13.Tupac ft Lloyd Banks- Thug In
14 14.Tupac ft The Game- Loyal 2 The
15 15.Tupac ft Storm- Whatcha Gonna
16 16.Tupac- Nuthin Like The Old Sch
17 17.Tupac- Hellrazor...remixed by
18 18.Tupac ft Falicia- This Ain't L
19 19.Tupac- Me Against The World...
20 20.Tupac ft Akon- Baby Don't Cry.
21 21.Tupac- Until The End Of Time..
22 22.Tupac ft 50 cent- Eye For An E
23 23.Tupac- Hold On Be Strong...rem

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someone download this and tell me if its good


this is hot bro

Shit is straight fire. Cop this quick!

Shit is straight fire. Cop this now! Undeniably the best Pac Mixtape I have encountered. Disc 1 is much better tho.


This tape is the truth everyone should have it.
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stay tuned- my homie Q-Ammo has more on the way.


hey man ,its a Nice 2pac remix album,, but do you have the instrumental of this song 19.Tupac ft Big Pun- Milatary Min .. i`m looking for this beat for months or could you give me the emailadress of q-ammo ,, already thanx my emailadress hss_g@hotmail.com let me know something PEACE


hey micko its sinno...... ive been trying to get ur number bro, i might come and see u look me up on myspace bro catcha