DJ Teknikz & Jody Breeze: Best Kept Secret Vol. 3

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1. Intro 0:29
2. J.O.D.Y. B.R.E.E.Z.E. 4:03
3. Won't Let You Down (Feat. Gorilla Zoe) 2:56
4. On The Block (Feat. Rick Ross) 4:07
5. Let's Ride (Prod. By Cool N Dre) 3:22
6. Better Freestyle 2:12
7. Creepin' 2:50
8. Military Minds (Feat. Juan Pistola) 2:58
9. On Everything 1:28
10. J To The O 4:19
11. Behave (Feat. Gorilla Zoe And Big Gee) 3:44
12. Do Ur Thang (Prod. By Drumma Boy) 3:50
13. Stunt Hard 3:25
14. Blow Out Your Frame 2:00
15. 5 In The Morning 1:18
16. Playa (Feat. Willie Joe, Lloyd And Jazze Pha) 3:40
17. Project Bitch (Feat. Boyz N Da Hood And Rich Boy) 4:01
18. Hollywood Divorce 2:37
19. For The Hood 3:07
20. Hard Out Here (Feat. Trae) 2:57
21. I'm From The Gutta 4:23
22. Nunna (Feat. Boyz N Da Hood) 6:15

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i hope this is good, i havent heard any jody breeezzy in a while, i like the kid

no doubt

yo i aint neva wrote on any mixtape but i had to write on this 1 this shit is fire jody breeze is gunna blow up after this 1...COP this ASAP every song is fire

Yo its about time. My dawg

Yo its about time. My dawg Jody is that nigga. He needs to quit fuckin with these mixtapes and drop that album tho.

word i agree. dis sum hot

word i agree. dis sum hot ish right here. boyz n da hood bout 2 blow now. specially wit zoe killin da mixtapes. its on now. good drop darealsteve-o

Best Kept Secret

Thanks 'jlaudiosw7'. This should be pretty good. Breeze is a cool dude....yo is sittin' on money on the cover. Hahaah "Y'all n*ggas guppies, I'm a Great White Shark/ rapper slash actor, y'all boys play parts/ but I don't play sh*t, except for a b*tch/ and y'all constipated, y'all n*ggas ain't sh*t" -Gorilla ZOE Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1

My nigga breeze

love this nigga! its bout time i see some breeze on this site

i bet he the next bot in

i bet he the next bot in hood to blow!! just watch!!
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All U DEF?

WTF Man I Downloaded Dis Shi Hoping It 2 Be Gd N Turned out to be Some Shi u get from $1 Shop! ~SHI~

Jody breeezzzyy

word is bomb, this shit rite here is HARD, WORTH DA DOWNLOAD! I don know magic, but i make faggots levitate. shotty blast make ya top and bottom half separate.
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Breeze on point

This mixtape is on point.... Breeze does it once again.... I'm a Grown ass man/I don't play with kids/I'll spray the lead/ and rip u apart like a Mr. Potato Head- Cassidy

man he rips this shit right

man he rips this shit right here.. first time hearin a lot of breeze's shit at one time..mad chips on this dude keep it comin!

Dis iz my first Jody Breeze

Dis iz my first Jody Breeze mixtape real talk its ridin I bump dis in school in da class room bass all da way up ya digg