DJ DviousMindZ - Painkillers For A Broken Heart E.P


"Hey all, I know its been a while since I've released any projects. I recently
went through one of the toughest break ups of my life, and I took some time out
to think about where my life was headed. I started making beats to help me get
through the break up and this is basically the outcome. These beats helped me
get through a tough time in my life, so i figured it may be some use to some
others. This isn't for everyone, for those who don't know me or my work, this
isn't my norm. I strived to go for an overall sound for this E.P, something
people can play when they're cleaning they're house,just relaxing or even
borderline coffee-shop music. I hope you all enjoy the E.P, all feedback is
welcome at, www,, OR Special thanks to the JansportJ,
Dodgerhightop, DFS, Erik Flowchild and whomever posts and supports this.
Thank you for time and support, I'm sorry for the lengthy read, Enjoy."
- dj dviousmindz

01 Intro
02 Rememberwhen
03 Cominghome
04 Makeyousmileagain
05 Letgo
06 Yourloveisgoingtodrown
07 Drownin'(Produced By Dviousmindz)
08 Let Go(Produced By Dviousmindz)

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shits good got some good

shits good got some good beats
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he walked in and saw me titti fuking his girl and then his girl told him he has a small dick, thats why his heartbroken

im surprised no one else

im surprised no one else commented on this! beats are real good, my favorite's drowning
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these beats help me alot

these beats help me alot when i just need to chill! good shit!