DJ Scoob Doo - The Hustler's Code Vol. 1 (Hosted By Jim Jones)

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DJ Scoob Doo follows up the Streets Talk DVD with the official sequel
mixtape featuring special host Jim Jones. Premiering a couple of Capo
joints, including a Loon & Mase diss, this mixtape also brings you new &
exclusive heat from all of D-Block, Fabolous & Paul Cain, Kanye West,
Papoose, Jae Millz, Juelz Santana, Mobb Deep, Stack Bundles & Jeezy.

1 - Intro
2 - Jim Jones - Hustle Code
3 - Jim Jones - Don't Forget About Me
4 - Jim Jones & Max B - Frustrated At My Hustle (Dissin' Loon & Mase)
5 - Jadakiss & Styles P - Shots Fired (Dissin' 50 Cent)
6 - Styles P - So Called Gangstas
7 - J-Hood - My Hustle Done Came Up
8 - Hell Rell - Hustle For Blodd Money
9 - Juelz Santana - Move
10 - Kanye West feat. Jadakiss, Styles P, J-Hood & Sheek - Touch The Sky (remix)
11 - Kanye West feat. Papoose & Tre Williams - Hustle For My Momma
12 - J-Hood - It's My Time, It's My Hustle
13 - Fabolous, Paul Cain - I Be Smoking
14 - Young Jeezy - Ya Dig???
15 - Hell Rell, Cam'ron - Laughin'
16 - Jim Jones - Interlude
17 - Jim Jones - Hustle For Doe
18 - Smitty & Jae Millz - Ghetto Boys Hustlin
19 - Mobb Deep - System
20 - Game - Tell Me
21 - Fabolous & Stack Bundles - Step Out
22 - Styles P & Team Arliss - Shoot 'Em
23 - Jim Jones - Interlude
24 - Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Razah - We Back
25 - Tre Williams & Papoose - Hustlers Dream
26 - Streets Talk DVD Outro

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jim jones is so sexy.. a

jim jones is so sexy.. a must have mixtape on my behalf
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cough....cough....wut did u just say?

Ok why would anyone listen to a CD because the guy is sexy, I mean firstly when he raps it sounds like he is constipated, now if thats sexy my grand-pappy is the next Brad Pitt, and lastly didnt you know that dating gangbangers is how you get shot! need to hook up with one of these internet gangsters :) .. my comments are all love, I ain't pickin on you...but sexy...c'mon! :)
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This Stops at 73.8%!!

For some reason this stops at 73.8%, and been like this for a while now, can someone please tell me if they have fully downloaded the Album!

have some patience, there's

have some patience, there's only 1 seeder currently
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Yeah I figured!

I cant understand how people are so overwhelmed with the notion that people who make these sites do it for the public and expect nothing in return. I mean I bet 80% of the people who use this site limit their max upload rate to 10kb/s and seed for ummm....5 min and think they are contributing, If no one seeded then this and other torrent sites wouldnt exist. So please do everyone a favour and SEED not only on this mixtape but on every mixtape that mfizzel brings to you...Holla At Yo Boy!
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haha i dunt think that chick

haha i dunt think that chick neeedds a internet gangsta...haha wuta joke, good gurls gotta get down with them gangstassss
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Jim jones is fuken shyt..Im down wit da dips..But i seen dat nigga get his whopped by junior mafia lmao..he has no talent just word connect words connect


Scooby Doo Mr. Wate Your Time For An Hour i dont thinky yu got banned from any radio stations your just 2 shit...
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*wondering why jones didnt

*wondering why jones didnt have a major role in the dipset movie killa season*
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cameron giles was looking

cameron giles was looking good in his movie,for a change. i think he usually look ugly and sum of his spit be wack. song killa cam is my all time fav
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If dats ur favorite tune..Den u needa expand ur music hunny..
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my fav by cam. and who asked

my fav by cam. and who asked u anyway
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u da 1 dat said its yur all tyme fav
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worst from dipset

Dipset kills G-Unit but i can't stand Jim Jones