Dirty Harry - From Dusk Til' Dawn

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Rare classic 1997 blend MIXTAPE from a mixtape legend. It is split into seperate tracks for convenience. No cover, or tracklist but if you like Dirty Harrys' work you'll love it...if not, keep it movin'.

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I Do It For Hip-Hop

"...But I don’t do it for the money, I do it from the heart/ I’ll do it with the beat box, I did it from the start/ I’ll do it for the DJs, I’ll do it for the charts/ The Van Gogh flow, Luda do it ‘cuz it’s art/ I do it for the fans, I do it on command/ I do it for the front row, I do it for the stands/ I spit it for the hood, I do it for the block/ And since nine years old, I did it for hip-hop." - Ludacris....................................Hip-Hop for those that know what it is. Nobody else. 9 outta 10.