P Cutta - Street Wars 21

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1. DJ P-Cutta/Boondocks Intro
2. P-Cutta Ft Bayku, Illanoise, R Murad – Fast Lane (Off Album “P-Cutta – The Rooftop Vol. 1” Coming Soon!)
3. Red Café Ft Jadakiss, Fabolous, Fat Joe – Paper Chasing Rmx (Exclusive)
4. 50 Cent Ft G-Unit – Hollow Thru Him (Dissin Fat Joe)
5. Fat Joe – Preacher On A Sunday Morning (Dissin 50 Cent)
6. Fat Joe Speaks Vs Papoose (Rap Beef N*gga)
7. Thugnificent “Moves Into Boondocks” (Interlude #1)
8. Papoose – A Fair One (Dissin Fat Joe, DJ Khaled)
9. Papoose Speaks Vs Fat Joe (Rap Beef N*Gga)
10. Thugnificent Confronts Grand Pa (Interlude #2)
11. Illanoise Ft Lil E – Ill Street Blues (Rooftop Exclusive)
12. D Jukes – New York Is Over
13. Grand Pa “Cut The Loud Noise” (Interlude #3)
14. Uncle Murder – Hard To Kill (Dissin Shooters’)
15. Papoose – Who Shot Ya (Dissin Uncle Murder)
16. Five – Streetwars 21 Freestyle (Stone World Exclusive)
17. Thugnificent Ft Nate Dogg, Snoop Dog, Busta Rhymes – Mad Yo Azz Is Old (Dissin Grand Pa) *Boondocks Exclusive*
18. Grand Pa – Punknificent (Dissin Thugnificent) *Boondocks Exclusive*
19. Lethal Interjection Speaks Vs Grand Pa (Interlude #4)
20. Cuban Links Ft Remy Ma, Triple Seiss – Moment Of Truth (Letter To Fat Joe)
21. Fat Joe Interview Wit Angie Martinez (Dissin 50 Cent, Cuban, Remy Ma, Papoose)
22. 50 Cent Ft G-Unit – Im On It Like That (Dissin Fat Joe)
23. Sway – Boondocks News Report (Interlude #5)
24. 50 Cent Ft G-Unit – I Am Leaving (Dissin Fat Joe)
25. 50 Cent Speaks Vs Fat Joe
26. Jim Jones Speaks Vs Max B
27. Frenchie Ft Max B – No More (Dissin Jim Jones)
28. Max B Speaks Vs Jim Jones
29. J Hood – Double Wood (Dissin D-Block)
30. Styles P Speaks Vs J Hood
31. Large (D-Block) – Freestyle (Dissin J Hood)
32. Huey Resolves Rap Beef (Interlude #6)
33. R. Kelly – I’m A Beast (Dissin Neyo)
34. Jpeg Graphics Advertisement

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Rap Beef is cool.

Rap Beef is cool.

rap beef is cool

rap beef is cool

i always love to listen to

i always love to listen to idiots talk ish to each other

Fat Joe and 50 cent are both

Fat Joe and 50 cent are both fucking homos.

I think...

I think Vanilla Ice should battle MC Hammer


anothanigga wrote:
Fat Joe and 50 cent are both fucking homos.
I cosign u nigga


I like how dey put da boondocks diss tracks in here rofl

im glad no one else like

im glad no one else like this
katch 26's picture

this is fucking shit

this is fucking shit, every single rapper on here is homo as fuck apart from styles p plus most tracks old as hell, dont d/l this crap

This shit is garbage. no

This shit is garbage. no good beefs. same old shit, smell me? The south & north need to beef so NY can crush them. Fuck the south.

Dumb shit

Dumb shit