DJ Famous - The New R.O.C. / Def Jam vs. G-Unit Pt. 2

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DJ Famous brings you the sequel (it's been a while...) to his
popular Roc-A-Fella vs. G-Unit and with these two hip-hop families
still on top of the Rap Universe, this mixtape is still where it's at.

Popping off with records from both camps, this mixtape brings you
inside the walls of the new Roc-A-Fella at Def Jam and the entire G-Unit camp.

This mixtape brings you new music from Ludacris, Method Man, Nas,
Beanie Sigel, Rick Ross, Tru Life (Dissin' Dipset), Kanye West +
the entire G-Unit, including 50, Banks, Buck, M.O.P., Mobb Deep & Lil' Scrappy.

1 - 5 Heartbeats- 50 Cent
2 - Tell It Like It Is- Ludacris
3 - Hands Up- Lloyd Banks feat. 50 Cent
4 - 44's- Jay-Z (Freestyle LIVE)
5 - Misdemeanor Freestyle- 50 Cent
6 - Ya Meen- Method Man feat. Styles P., Fat Joe
7 - Paper Chaser- 50 Cent
8 - Where Ya'll At- Nas
9 - Money In The Bank- Lil' Scrappy feat. Young Buck
10 - Why Wouldn't I- Beanie Sigel
11 - Nightmare- Mobb Deep feat. 50 Cent
12 - Live At The Parade- Tru Life (Dissin' The Diplomats)
13 - Gang Green Season- Lloyd Banks
14 - Chevy Ridin (remix)- Rick Ross, Game, Pusha T, Fat Joe, Etc.
15 - PA Shit- Freeway (Freestyle)
16 - Put Ya Hands Up- Young Chris
17 - Stop Pushing (Gangsta Boogie)- M.O.P.
18 - Stop Crying- 50 Cent
19 - Turn Off The Lights- Mary J. Blige feat. Jay-Z
20 - My House- Lloyd Banks feat. 50 Cent
21 - Deja Vu- Beyonce feat. Jay-Z
22 - Say- Method Man
23 - Number Ones- Pharrell feat. Kanye West

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Come on now.

Lets be realistic. DefJam vs G-Unit? that's an insult. Maybe DefJam vs Aftermath if you wanna include G-Unit? I love G-Unit but there's no comparison.


"Come on now. Submitted by onebronzeking on Sun, 07/23/2006 - 7:35pm. Lets be realistic. DefJam vs G-Unit? that's an insult. Maybe DefJam vs Aftermath if you wanna include G-Unit? I love G-Unit but there's no comparison." Well actually it should be Def Jam vs Interscope. So Rocafella vs g-unit would basically be kanye and jay-z vs g unit. g unit > rocafella

dumb name

g-unit versus def jam isnt even a fact, and someone will see the cover and start spreadin that rumor around. why not jus name it "best in the bizz" or replae the versus and simply put "and"
corey-scott's picture

thats true as hell

what the fuck sort of a hack ass dj put out this tape its ridiculous u dont put the word versus on a fuckin cover where 2 labels aint beefin thats just stupid

Why don't these DJs' just

Why don't these DJs' just call these Mixtapes, Sametape? It's the same songs over and over again just in different order. Come on DJ's step ya game up well this comment goes for the East Coast DJs'. Hmm, I guess they have no choice when there is no music coming out of the East Coast. Durty Durty got the game on lock right now.


G-UNIT WON THIS SHIT... even tho jay is tight and all, i heard the mixtape from full and i would say G-UNIT.

who says that

how are you going to say they won when: 1)its not a real versus 2)the g-unit tracks are all ready out before this mixtape so they would lose because its unoriginal 3)ludacris has been on some real grown up shit right now with depths of solitude, war with god, and tell it like it is i like g-unit but all this is is gunit radio plus def jam tracks

21 with def jam tracks

i havent torrented this because reading the track list i already noticed that if you take the def jam tracks out its g-unit 21 all over again so whats the point i have most those def jam tracks as well. if your torrenting this file it means your doubling up on the same music or your behinfd on todays mixtapes

yeah but it dont have whoo

yeah but it dont have whoo kid yelling his name


GUNIT is the gang fuck the rest of them They dont compare look at whos tryin to act bad jadakiss, ja rule, d block, gayme look at all them niggas they look like bitches how can u act bad when u look like that i hope the gorillas catch them in traffic an end all this beefin over records shit SHOTS FIRED G-Unit replys I Smell Pussy

G-UNIT won. that's it so all

G-UNIT won. that's it so all you niggas need to stfu. GGG-UNIT!
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Fuck All that bullshit you

Fuck All that bullshit you niggaz writin' You know what it is, the g-unit snitches keep frontin. It ain't no fuckin comparison even if you had the god HOV vs G-UNIt it would still be rediculous, their whole fuckin flow is ridiculous. DIPSET bitch, it aint' no comparison with these guys!!! Try makin a mixtape vs the whole world!!!
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g- unnit dick riders

fuck g-unot



g-unit > roc?!?!

whoever sed that must be smoking rocks themselves. jay and ye MERC all of the unit by themselves. forget memph bleek and the young gunz. they are dead weight, but Jigga and Kanye slaughter those gay-unit clowns