Jay Rock & DJ Noodles - Coming Soon 2 A Hood Near You

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DJ Noodles has linked up with Warner Bros Records, Imeem & HipHopDX to present the brand new release from west-coast allstar JAY ROCK “Coming Soon 2 A Hood Near You” (Part 2). Log on now for brand new Jay Rock exclusives, guest appearences from Lil Wayne, Glasses Malone, SkyZoo, K Dot, Will.I.Am, Eastwood, and more! Don’t forget, Jay Rock’s debut album “Follow Me Home” is coming soon! Fix Your Face and Pay Attention!

01. Coming Soon To A Hood Near You
02. All My Life (Ft. Lil Wayne & Will.I.Am)
03. Ahead Of My Time
04. Outta Here (Ft. Eastwood)
05. Wassup New York
06. Top Dawg Money
07. Depression
08. Till I Die (Ft. Glasses Malone)
09. I Cried (Prod. Dj Noodles)
10. The City Is Mines (K Dot)
11. Again And Again (Ft. Skyzoo & K Dot)
12. Goodnight Baby (Ft. K Dot)

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Dj Noodles WOW i guess u

Dj Noodles WOW i guess u dont have to spend alot of time on a Dj name i guess i will be Dj Fruit Loops
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Where's this cat from Bakersfield? I can't win today!!
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