Lil Wayne - Tunchi's Back


First leak off Weezy's upcoming Mixtape Sorry For The Wait. Look for it to drop July 13th!

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firstin up in dis beeeeatch this straight but it aint long enough. hope they rest of they tape gon be better then thisin. PIMP LIKE ME
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Wack Beat

This beat is beyond played out..I wouldn't care if 2pac himself came back & blessed it...retire the damn thing, it wasn't nice to begin with. (follow-at-noles506)
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always delivers

The one thing I can say about weezy is that as far back as I can remember he always delivers & not constantly pusihing his shit back to later dates... ~Mr. Helmick~
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Just an intro track ...

At least it's not auto-tuned. average
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Its ok

I still expect more from Wayne, we all know what he CAN do, if this is just something for the fans nothing special, just a CD to ride to.

Jus drop the damn mixtape

This nigga must think his shit don't stank. Wayne on that bullshit, he must be tryin to get his swag right. Dre did the same thing wit Detox and the shit was garbage. " ...BIAATCH! "


flyguy770 wrote:
Dre did the same thing wit Detox and the shit was garbage. "
What! That shit is out already?? Did i miss it?
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Tunechi Back [VIDEO]

Check Out This Video I Made..... #YMCMB


shits alright

sorry 4 tha wait? i didnt even know i was mad? looking forward to c4 and this mixtape is gunna be alright. probably equivilant to no ceilings which was alright. is it possible to make the buzz any bigger then it is for c4? hope c4 actually delivers because the buzz that has been made with all of the delays and just being a sequel to c3 period plus releasing this? i dont know if the cd can live up to the hype even if wayne gets back on that hot boyz shit. mack maine and lil wayne could go double platinum and people would still call it a flop? this track is alright i got my boyz with me click anc clack...raw
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Shame that he fell off so much after Carter III. -Smokyo-
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Hope its release is in

Hope its release is in 320kbps.