DJ 2Mello - The Remix Killa

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DJ Cannon Banyon & MIDIMarc - Good Ass Remix Part 2

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7 months after the release of the critically acclaimed "Good Ass Remix", Part 2 is finally here.

Featuring original exclusive remixes produced by MIDIMarc (SEA Producer Of The Year nominee) & DJ Cannon Banyon, with artists such as Juicy J, Project Pat, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Fat Rat Da Czar, Mr. Flip, Hollwyood, L’Daialogue and more, you already know this exclusive presentation is a must download!

Download Part 1

A Dot McCray - The WishList EP

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Dope remixes from an up and coming Texas producer

DJ dLux - dLectro



If you don't like this mixtape I guarantee your girl will.

DJ Dub & Present - J-A-D-A KISS


What happens when you bring the sounds of Hip-Hop's Top 5 MCs together with one of Rock's Top 5 Bands and mix it all up with one of the mixtape game's most creative djs? DJ Dub & present "J-A-D-A KISS" and the end result is geared to be one of the year's best mixtape offerings.

DJ Dub has fused the lyrical juggenaut Jadakiss with the sound of Rock's ultimate power bands, Kiss. Enlisting the help of producers DJ Rob Dinero, Marc Nfinite, Overok, Shag Diggler, Cynrok, and Super Hero, Dub brings out the energy of his idea. Dub said, "I've been thinking about doing this for a minute but I knew I was going to need other angles on (Kiss) music so I reached out and got back nothing but gold."

While some might expect Jadakiss's raspy tone to be fighting against the loud fracas of guitar solos and wailing vocals, thats far from the case on this project. This Remixtape is made to highlight the lyrical prowess of Jada and legendary musicality of Kiss. Dub is no stranger to concepts such as this with past projects including CRS (Kanye, Pharell & Lupe), Heavy Metal (Ghostface & MF Doom) so of course, Dub executed this with no problem.

DJ Noodles Presents Akon & Biggie - Soul Survivors

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For the past 5 years, DJ Noodles has helped celebrate the anniversary of the passing of the legendary Notorious BIG with a major project every year on March 9th, the day the greatest rapper of all time passed on. 2009 is no different. Now that Akon has brought DJ Noodles into the fold as the official Konvict Muzik DJ, it was only right that Noodles revisited one of the dopest mixtape remix projects ever released, 2007’s “Soul Survivors”, an incredible production of “duets” from Akon and the late Notorious BIG. With “Soul Survivors 2009,” Noodles reaches back to the original Soul Survivors projects and remasters and reworks some of the best tracks from that project, and unleashes 9 brand new joints, with the entire mixtape either Produced by or Remixed by DJ Noodles. Guest appearences from Red Cafe, Kanye West and Glasses Malone pop up on the project, as DJ Noodles drops another classic Re-Mixtape. If all that hype wasnt enough, this is also release #9 from the largest mixtape promotion in history, Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes’ “March Mixtape Madness,” where they are releasing a new mixtape every single day in March, 2009. Fix Your Face and Pay Attention: the Akon & Biggie ALBUM is HERE!

The Engineerz Present Big Pun - Reborn


13 original Big Pun remixes produced by The Engineerz - listen up!

DJ Marcy Marc Presents 2Pac - Life Goes On


2Pac remix/blend tape produced & mixed by DJ Marcy Marc

Dub MD & Illmind Presents - Blaps, Rhymes & Life Vol 2


The official "Blaps, Rhymes & Life" mixtape series is back! Dub MD and super
producer Illmind re-connect for a second time to bring you another exclusive
free mixtape project, "Blaps, Rhymes & Life Vol. II" is a 22 track digi-zip
packed full of classic illmind production. This time around the mixtape features
established artists such as 50 Cent, Eminem, Scarface, Talib Kweli and Heltah
Skeltah, as well as featuring a whole host of up and coming artists from the
likes of Bambu, Megaciph, Above Ave and Grynch just to list a few.

Illmind is also set to release a couple of studio albums in 2009 with the debut
LP from his group Fortilive consisting of emcees Mushmouf and Slo-Mo, the
project will be dropping sometime in 2009 via Myx Music. Also lookout for his up
coming new instrumental album which is due for release this year aswell, for
more information and updates, check out and

Also be on the lookout for Dub MD dropping some new artist mixtapes in 2009, as
he collaborates once again with Nametag for the follow up to "Classic Cadence
Vol. 1" with Volume 2. Along with releasing projects with a posse of emcees
including Spectacula, Access Immortal, Cyrano aka Cy Yung, Zero Star, Junesflow
and more, keep it locked!

DJ Unexpected & DJ Supreme - The Willie Bryant Story (Motion Picture Mixtape Vol. 2)

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This was the second released CD in the "Motion Picture Mixtape" series
(Released in November 2006). Brought to you by DJ Unexpected and
DJ Supreme, this audio exprience tells the story of a street hustler
named "Willie Bryant". The CD chronicles his story from the beginning.
His rise to stardom, to the destruction of his life. Definitely a
classic story tell brought to you in mixtape form.

The third mixtape in the "Motion Picture Mixtape" series is dropping
next month..... Hevehitta Presents - 50 Cent: The Undertaker (Directed
by DJ Unexpected). Bringing you the story of Curtis Jackson and his
darkest days, including the unfortunate souls (rappers) who have crossed
him, only to meet their demise. I will have an Audio Trailer for this
CD on Wednesday.

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